United Russia has launched a portal for initiatives in the People's Program

The United Russia Party has set up a special portal, e.g. er.ru collection of proposals and initiatives for inclusion in the national program. According to the secretary of the general council of the party Andrej Turčak, anyone can do it, online and offline.

As Turchak explained, party chairman Dmitry Medvedev called the United Russia's 2021 election program “popular.” Proposals for the creation of the program were gathered from all regions, from municipalities, so that each inhabitant could see the solution of their needs in this program.

United Russia continues to gather proposals from citizens to implement its truly popular program.

“This will give us an overview of the views, we will be able to better understand people's expectations, prioritize work. We have created a convenient and effective tool for direct dialogue. Our practice shows that there are no irrelevant proposals. all comments that come to us, “- Turchak emphasized.

Anyone on the above page can vote on proposals in one of the nine sections or submit their own proposal via a special form.

Anyone who is more comfortable coming to the office of the Regional Public Admissions Office of “United Russia” can fill out a questionnaire, which can also be done with a representative chosen from the district where the citizen lives.

In addition, the United Russia has organized subject to expert discussions on key sections of the people's program, where representatives of the scientific community, public organizations, authorities and representatives.

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Bulgaria is extending the PCR test requirement to visit Russians

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Bulgarian Health Minister Stoicho Katsarov has signed an order to extend the requirement for Russians to submit a negative PCR test for coronaviruses by the end of July. The document will enter into force on Monday.

The report emphasizes that a PCR test, including those vaccinated against coronavirus, should be performed on Russians.

Otherwise, tourists may be sent to a 10-day quarantine.

At the same time, tourists from the United Kingdom, Cyprus, Spain, Fiji and Kuwait will not be admitted to the country.

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Zakharova called the Constitution of Ukraine patient

Kiev recently celebrated the 25th anniversary of its Basic Law – the Constitution of Ukraine

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On June 28, Ukraine celebrated the twenty-fifth anniversary of its Basic Law & mdash; Constitution of Ukraine. On June 28, 1996, the Supreme Council of Ukraine adopted the Constitution of Ukraine & mdash; the first constitution of an independent Ukrainian state. Members worked on the project and stayed in the Chamber all night from 27 to 28 June. MEPs took note of the remarks of the President of Ukraine and also supported all controversial articles in the project & mdash; on the state symbols of Ukraine, on the Ukrainian state language, on the right to private property. The adoption of the Constitution strengthened the legal foundations of an independent Ukraine, its sovereignty and territorial integrity. The adoption of the Constitution was to be an important step in ensuring human and civil rights and should contribute to further strengthening Ukraine's international prestige on the world stage.

During his inaugural address, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called the institute “ young and wise ''. In his speech, the President of Ukraine said that “the best country is the country where we were born.” He recalled that Ukraine & mdash; sovereign democratic rule of law, as well as a “ incredibly beautiful and wonderful“ country, and called for its protection.

“What does it mean for me to protect Ukraine?” The answer is simple & mdash; This means taking care of every Ukrainian. The constitutional rights of a citizen are an indication of how to achieve this. We must learn to respect each other's rights & quot ;, & mdash; said Zelensky. The head of state also called for “ citizens every day“, not just on holidays.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova commented on Zelenský's words about the “ young and wise '' Constitution. & quot; I would add & mdash; patient. Because when youth comes at a young age, it was not without trouble, the diplomat wrote in her telegram channel.

In her view, “the total legal degeneration, the humanitarian catastrophe in the east of the country, the uncontrollable neo-Nazi sentiment, the Maidan's experience of coups did not presuppose any of this in the Constitution of Ukraine.” , the Ukrainian Constitution has been regularly amended & mdash; corresponded to the ruling brigades. The Basic Law was repeatedly amended in 2000, 2004, 2010, 2014, 2015 and 2019. “

The Russian diplomat pointed out that international creditors (USA, IMF and others) demand new constitutional reforms from Kiev.

“Everyone demands, demands, demands reform, demands concessions, demands changes in laws, as shown, for example, by the recent visit of the Minister of Finance of Ukraine to the United States.” In response, Ukraine asks, asks and asks: money, gas, punishes Russia, and then first. This is how they live & quot ;, & mdash; it was said in the report.

According to Zakharova, on the anniversary of the legal act, Ukrainian lawyers and political scientists have reached the unsatisfactory conclusion that out of 161 articles of the Basic Law of Ukraine 125 and mdash; about 78%. The 36 articles of the Basic Law, which are “ conditionally complied with“, contain mainly nominal or reference standards.

The diplomat also recalled the text of Article 10 of the Constitution of Ukraine: “ The free development, use and protection of Russian and other languages ​​of national minorities in Ukraine is guaranteed in Ukraine. & # 39; & # 39; Zakharova believes that Kiev is also failing to meet its international obligations. For example, to follow the confirmed decision of the UN Security Council, ie to implement the Minsk package of measures.

“In general, the holiday turned out to be a bit ambiguous. Although Ukrainians themselves use words of regret rather than pride when speaking about the legal regime in their country, we would like to wish the rejuvenated constitution endurance and strength again, because it already has youth and wisdom, and also not repeat the fate of the Declaration. Zakharova closed.

Maria Zakharova previously drew attention to the words of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenský, who said that he considered it fair not to raise the issue of language. Zelensky explained his position by saying that “ it is difficult to find justice in the matter of language“ and there will never be a way to keep everyone happy.

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In Crimea, they said, the peninsula owed nothing to Ukraine

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that the peninsula does not remain Ukraine owes nothing. This statement was made by the First Deputy Speaker of the Crimean Parliament Efim Fiks. He stressed that the data provided by Ukrainian politicians are taken “from the ceiling”.

Crimean deputies thus responded to the claims of some Ukrainian officials. Dmitry Goryunov, a senior economist at Ukraine's Center for Economic Strategy, said the Ukrainian economy had lost $ 135 billion due to the reunification of Crimea and Russia. And former Ukrainian Minister for Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture Tymofiy Mylovanov estimates the damage at 150 billion.

A number of Ukrainian companies have filed lawsuits in international courts against Russia. They believe that they have lost their assets in the Crimea and want compensation. For example, Naftogaz Ukrainy estimated its damage at $ 8 billion.

However, Crimean deputies suggest that Ukrainian officials first estimate how much the country has managed to earn in 23 years of ownership of the peninsula. Fix emphasizes that nothing has been invested in the development of the area over the years. Therefore, he believes that this region owes nothing to Ukraine.

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The US ambassador to Ukraine advised Kiev not to count on Washington

The diplomat said the country's fate was in the hands of the Ukrainians themselves

US Deputy Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs George Kent said Washington would not interfere in any or another state. The diplomat said that Ukraine should independently choose its own path of development.

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“I think that the position of the United States is such that it is not up to us to decide the fate of any country, be it Ukraine, Belarus or Russia. The future of the country belongs to those who were born in this country, and Ukraine is responsible for the fate of Ukraine, “said the diplomat, quoted by Vesti.ua. Note that Kent is currently also the charge status of the United States affaires in Ukraine. He will head the US embassy in the country until the end of July. The diplomat already has experience in Ukraine – until 2017 he served as Deputy US Ambassador to Kiev.

He recently began his visit to Kiev and promised Kiev “unwavering support” from the United States. Kent also criticized Germany's stance on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. He said Washington considered the project a “bad idea” for both Ukraine and European energy security.

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Kiev hopes to help China fight Russia

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Kiev counts on to help China fight Russia. This was stated by Alexey Arestovich, an adviser to the Ukrainian delegation in the Donbass Trilateral Contact Group. He stressed that Ukraine will move “eastwards” if the West insists on the implementation of the Minsk agreements.

Arestovich said that Germany and the United States have no real influence on Kiev. therefore, if the Ukrainian authorities do not want something, they will not do it. They will simply ignore the requests. And there will be nothing for them.

According to the politician, Vladimír Zelenský's meeting with Joe Biden should be decisive. It must bring results. If this does not happen, then Ukraine will go “negotiate” with China, the Middle East or India.

Arestovich is especially pleased with the Chinese. He is impressed that they not only provide security guarantees, but are also immediately ready to invest in the country.

Arestovich listed the steps of the West that can encourage Kiev to fulfill the Minsk agreements. This is a $ 10 billion loan, a serious investment in the country's security and economy. And also the position of the main US ally outside NATO.

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Russian diplomats visited Viktor Bout in prison

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Russian diplomats visited in Victor Bout's American prison. The Russian embassy in Washington informed about it. Officials said they had done so in order to provide consular legal assistance.

Bout promised to continue to defend his rights and protect his interests. The Russian is being held in Marion Prison in Illinois. He's already spent half the time. His mother turned to the presidents of the United States and Russia to return her son to Russia. Alternatively, it is proposed to exchange Bouta for someone who is running out of time in a Russian prison.

Recall that Viktor Bout was detained in 2008 in Thailand and sent to the United States. He was accused of arms trafficking. And the support of one of the terrorist groups. In April 2012, Booth was sentenced to 25 years in prison and fined $ 15 million.

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Five Haitian police officers were detained in connection with the assassination of the president

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Five senior officers of the Haitian National Police were detained in the assassination of President Jovenel Moise, writes The Wall Street Journal, citing national police chief Leon Charles.

One of the detainees, the newspaper writes, led the Moise security service. He was interrogated. At the same time, the officers were not charged.

As Charles said, another 20 presidential security staff are currently being questioned.

Recall that on the night of July 7, he was killed in an attack on the residence of the President of Haiti, Jovelel Moise. He will be buried on July 23.

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Minsk hopes that Moscow's support will cover the consequences of the sanctions

Belarusian Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko hopes the support would suppress the possible consequences of Western sanctions against Belarus.

During the trip to the Vitebsk region, the Prime Minister of Belarus told reporters that work had already begun on the necessary plan, which was also discussed by the presidents of the Russian Federation and Belarus.


“The presidents discussed this in great detail during their meeting in St. Petersburg. ”

According to Golovchenko, the main areas of work of plans to address the impact of restrictions and support measures from Russia, in particular “loans and financial support to the Belarusian banking system, are the conclusion of transaction insurance.”

“We have no doubt that in this section, Russian support will fully cover the possible consequences foreseen by those who impose these sanctions, “Golovchenko emphasized.

Belarusian leader Natalya Eismont previously said Russian and Belarusian presidents Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko were instructing governments to develop a joint plan to combat Western sanctions.

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Gunmen prepare gradual “chemical attack” in Idlib

Photo: AP.

Rear Admiral Vadim Kulit, Deputy Head of Russia's Warfare Reconciliation Center (CPVS) in Syria, said at the briefing that terrorists planned to carry out a “chemical attack” in the Idlib zone in Seraqab and Khan of the Sheikhkun region.

“With the participation of the pseudo-humanitarian organization White Helmet and local media sources,” Kulit said, adding that terrorists plan in the future to accuse Syrian government forces of using toxic substances against the civilian population.

Provocation can occur. July 17, the day of the inauguration of the President of Syria.

The CPVS also has information that “sleeping cells” terrorists are hiring new fighters and preparing them for sabotage.

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