Name of the main organizer of the Crimean water blockade

Photo by Yaroslav Shuraev: Pexels

First Deputy Prime Minister of the Crimean Council Efim Fiks said that the main organizer of the water blockade of Crimea is a former interim deputy head of the presidential administration of Ukraine Andriy Senchenko. He shared this information with journalists.

According to him, he is a direct executor of the blockade. Materials confirming his involvement in the organization of the water blockade were collected and sent to the committee of inquiry, said the first vice-chairman. A criminal case concerning ecology due to the water blockade in Crimea has already been initiated by the Russian Committee of Inquiry.

It is clarified that the damage caused by the blockade amounted to 1.5 trillion rubles. The information collected includes 12 people who are responsible for the water blockade of Crimea.

The deputy head of the regional parliament's working group for assessing the consequences of the blockade, the head of the Crimean State Legislation Committee Sergei Trofimov, said the organizers of the peninsula's water blockade found guilty by the court of environmental accident would not avoid liability because this crime has no restrictions.


Former US President Trump has said he will not allow explosions at Kabul airport


Former US President Donald Trump told Fox News that he did not prevent the explosions that took place at Kabul airport.

“If I were your president, such a tragedy would not have happened. “All Americans are mourning the families of the victims,” ​​he said.

Recall that the day before, the suicide bombers near the Kabul explosion drove off two explosions. Then four more explosions thundered in the city.

The capital of Afghanistan has been swept away by a wave of terrorist attacks. More than 100 civilians were killed and another 158 were injured. Among the victims are American soldiers: 12 sailors and a naval paramedic were killed. These losses were the first US combat loss since February 8, 2020. However, this number is not final and may increase in the near future, writes the directorate of TG-Channel 4.


The US will not refuse to withdraw troops from Afghanistan until August 31

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White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki “In the White House, he told reporters that despite the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan, the United States is not abandoning its plans to withdraw troops from the country until August 31.

At the same time, she admitted that the US authorities admit that after a series of terrorist attacks in Kabul on August 26, during which 13 American soldiers were killed, the threat of further attacks still persists.

“The national security team reports ongoing threats. We are watching them closely … Military leaders on the ground are taking steps to protect US forces, & # 39; & # 39; Psaki said.


The Economist predicted a great war in the world due to the collapse of the United States


Possible throughout world and the Great War of the collapse of American domination, said in an article for The Economist publicist Neil Ferguson. He noted that the United States is following Britain's path and is now similar. An analogy is drawn between the present-day United States and the British Empire after World War I.

The US national debt is comparable in size to the British, which was between the two world wars. Another similar detail is that the United States, like Britain, pursues a policy of appeasement. “The idea that America faces similar threats today – not only from China but also from Russia, Iran and North Korea – may seem fantastic,” Ferguson said.

The US is facing the problem of economic decline. .. China is catching up with the United States and is a much more economically advanced power than the USSR was a hundred years ago. In addition, the Americans stopped loving the empire – this applies to both the right, the dream of the era after the liberation of the United States from British rule, and the left. The United States does not have such colonies as Britain, but US troops are deployed and based in 150 countries around the world.

The author does not rule out a global war between the USA and China over Taiwan. Washington may behave like Britain in its time in Suez. “If American detention fails and China dares to intervene, America will be faced with a grim choice: to accept a protracted and difficult war (like Britain in 1914 and 1939), or to surrender, as it did in Suez in 1956,” Ferguson said./p>


Russia's representative to the UN called the IS manuscript apparent during the terrorist attacks in Kabul


Permanent Representative Russia at the UN Anna Evstigneeva believes that the manuscript of the terrorist organization “Islamic State (recognized in Russia as terrorist and banned).

“… The ISIS manuscript is obvious,” she told a UN Security Council meeting.

A video of the explosion at Kabul Airport was published

Watch a video on the subject

There were several explosions, including airports, in Kabul on Thursday, August 26. According to the latest figures, more than 60 people were killed and more than 150 were killed as a result of the terrorist attacks. injured.


Zelensky explained why he shed tears during the Independence Day parade

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President of Ukraine Vladimir With tears in his eyes, Zelensky took part in a parade in honor of the country's Independence Day. A little later, he explained the reason for his emotional reaction.

On the Right to Power program, Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that “everyone was crying, everyone was alive.” Tears in the eyes of the Ukrainian president appeared as he watched a theatrical event depicting various stages of Ukraine's history.

Each scene included a little girl with a bouquet of flowers, which symbolized the young Ukrainian statehood. At the end of the theater performance, the girl ran to Khreshchatyk and ran towards the army, after which the show itself began.

Recall that the ceremonial events held in Kiev were timed to coincide with the 30th anniversary of Ukraine's Independence. Exactly thirty years ago, Ukraine broke away from the USSR.


Zakharova found political strategist Shugalei, who was lost in Kabul

Maria Zakharova. Photo: Natalya Muschinkina

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zacharov said that everything was fine with Russian political scientist Maxim Shugalei, who is in Kabul.

She lost contact with her friend Maksim Shugalei.

“Everything is fine with Shugalei. There is a connection,” Zakharova said.

We remind you that two explosions near the airport in Kabul killed 40 people, more than 100 were hit. According to American media reports, four American sailors were killed and three were injured.


The State Duma candidate feared and fled during the live broadcast

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Candidate in Crimea Oleg Severnenko became a member of the State Duma from “Fair Russia – For the Truth” and fled during a live broadcast on the Kerch television channel. A video of the candidate's embarrassment appeared on social networks.

Severnenko began to talk about Russia's resources and wealth, but suddenly fell silent and could not continue the monologue.

“Honestly, I'm sorry. I can … Honestly, I was worried. I can't, “he turned pleadingly to the moderator.

The moderator said he still had airtime and offered to continue, but could not say anything. As a result, he left the frame while the moderator introduced him and said goodbye to the audience.

Severnenko is not the first to run for parliament. He later told Rise that his health had deteriorated during the broadcast.

“A busy month without days off, continuous trips to Kerch behind the wheel 750 km a day, as well as a stressful period at work. All these factors overlapped and at the time of the broadcast, my health deteriorated and I could not continue, “he said.

The candidate added that he was uncomfortable and apologized for his health, but he had nothing to be ashamed of.


The US intelligence services reported to Biden on the origin of coronavirus

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Intelligence The United States has presented a report on the origin of COVID-19 to US President Joe Biden, the media reported.

They could not reach a consensus on the causes of its occurrence.

According to The Washington Post, with the link According to sources, the head of the USA received a classified intelligence report. It does not contain any specifics: whether it comes from an animal or a person, whether it was part of a natural process or as a result of a laboratory leak.

According to the publication, some parts of the report are planned to be declassified.

The work itself is the result of a 90-day investigation launched on behalf of Biden in May this year.


The organizer of the persecution of Russians in Kazakhstan proved to be a friend of the presidential adviser

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Kuat Akhmetov, whose YouTube channel caused a resonance scandal because it apologized to Russian-speaking residents of the republic, is a friend of President Mukhtar Taizhan's adviser, who is a member of the National Council of Public Trust under the President, Readovka said in his research. From 1997 to 2001, Taizhan served in the presidential administration of Kazakhstan, then joined the opposition for a long time, until Tokaev appointed him to a new position in 2019.

Taizhan is a member of various advisory boards in government bodies. Akhmetov himself thanked him for his support. “ Here is only Mukhtar Taizhan, I want to express my great gratitude to this person. Informs the head of state, the president, & mdash; & nbsp; Akhmetov said at one of the meetings.

It is worth noting that Taizhan, in response to the words of the first deputy head of the presidential administration, Dauren Abayev, called “ language raids“ Akhmetov, a manifestation of cave nationalism, stood up for the radical. “ Is anyone talking about the oppression of the Russian language in Kazakhstan? I have never seen that. Citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan have the right to demand that they serve in the state language of Kazakhstan & # 39; & # 39 ;, & mdash; & nbsp; wrote on Taizhan.

Akhmetov has more friends & ndash; especially & nbsp; these are the heads of veteran organizations Yerlan Aldanazarov and Murat Mukhamedzhanov. It was their organization that contacted Akhmetov and previously nominated Taizhan for the presidential election. Mukhamedzhanov is also known for his nationalist views. In May, he demolished the coat of arms of the USSR from a monument in Aktobe and posted a video of the event on the web. Veterans' organizations are a strong force, made up of those involved in the armed conflict in Tajikistan, where more than 40 Kazakh soldiers have been killed, and can become a serious aid to radicals in the political struggle.