Volodin stood behind Poklonskaya because of attacks by the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

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President of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin said that Russia was ready to protect Deputy Natalia Poklonska from attacks by the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry. So he reacted to the words of Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba, who speculated about the possibilities of Kiev to interfere in her new job.

It was previously stated that the former prosecutor of Crimea could take over the post of Russian ambassador to Cape Verde. At the same time, a Ukrainian diplomat said in a commentary on the report that if Poklonska had retained Ukrainian citizenship, there would have been an opportunity to “destroy her life.”

In his telegram channel, the Speaker of the lower house of parliament criticized Kuleb's statement. He noted that Poklonska is a citizen of Russia and her rights and freedoms will be protected from all attacks. “And also from such ministers,” Volodin added.

He also pointed out that Kuleba's statement said that Kiev “is ready to apply to its citizens the measures of its own totalitarian regimes.” “With such approaches and principles, it is impossible to become a democratic state,” Volodin stressed. According to him, this is the “anti-popular path of the dictatorial regime.”

Previously, Poklonská herself answered Kulebe. She invited everyone to line up in alphabetical order, adding that, overall, since 2014, the Ukrainian authorities have been doing nothing but “ruining the lives” of all Ukrainians.

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Putin expressed his condolences to the President of Kazakhstan over the explosions in the ammunition depot

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Russian President Vladimir Putin expresses his condolences to the Kazakh leader Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev in connection with the deaths of people in fires and explosions in an ammunition depot in the Zhambyl region. This was announced on the official website of the Kremlin.

“Dear Kassyme-Zhomarti Kemelevichi, please accept my deepest condolences on the tragic consequences of the detonation of explosives in the Zhambyl region,” says Putin's address.

The President of the Russian Federation asked for an expression of sympathy and support for the relatives of the victims and a wish to heal the wounded.

Recall that on Thursday a fire broke out in a warehouse of a military unit located in the Zhambyl region. The fire was followed by a series of explosions. About 13 dead are currently known. Criminal proceedings have been instituted in the case. August 29 was declared a day of national mourning in Kazakhstan.

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Poklonskaya replied to Kuleba, who dreams of destroying her life in Cape Verde

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Representative leaving the State Duma Natalia Poklonskaya responded to a statement by Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba, who speculated about Kiev's ability to interfere in her new job. As previously announced, a former Crimean prosecutor who refused to run in the parliamentary elections could take over the post of Russian ambassador to Cape Verde. Commenting on the report, a Ukrainian diplomat said that if Poklonska had retained Ukrainian citizenship, there would have been an opportunity to “ruin her life a lot.” As before, Poklonská did not officially confirm her new job: “Commenting on gossip is an indicator of incontinence.” She had previously announced that she would be in the civil service and might put on her jacket again. However, which of them was not specified by the politician.

The fact that Poklonská will become a diplomat was announced by a number of media with reference to sources. In fact, the data was confirmed by Dmitry Novikov, the first deputy head of the Duma's International Affairs Committee. He therefore told the RIA that a meeting of the committee on the appointment of his representative Poklonska would be held as ambassador in the near future.

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China protested against the US over ships near Taiwan

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China protested against US after passage warships across the Taiwan Strait.

US Navy destroyer Kidd and Coast Guard sniper Munro crossed the strait on August 27. According to the military, they made the transition in international waters.

“Taiwan is an integral part of China, and the Taiwan issue is an exclusively internal matter for China that does not allow for any external intervention,” said Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Tan Kefei.

Kefei said the United States was a major threat to stability and peace in the Taiwan Strait, creating major security risks. He also noted that this was not the first provocation of a “very bad nature.”

Beijing also demanded that Washington recognize Taiwan as part of China.

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In Germany, posters depicting the Kaliningrad region were hung as part of the country

A pre-war map of Germany was displayed during the campaign.

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The Nordkurier newspaper reported that unknown people in the German state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern had placed copies of political party election posters with a map of Germany in the pre-war border in 1994 as part of the Kaliningrad region.

The publication clarifies that 72-year-old posters containing the campaign for the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and the Christian Social Union (CSU) were published on the streets of Teterova. The campaign featured a pre-war map of Germany.

After the #CDU 72 years old in Teterow were exposed, the nun's historical vouchers with Motivated #FDP and #SPD are worsened. The #Policei has a great country. https://t.co/WGCEJlrYYd

— Nordkurier (@Nordkurier) August 24, 2021

Police said similar posters appeared throughout the federal state. Law enforcement authorities have already launched an investigation into the incident. CDU spokesman Hannes Dettmann said the party had nothing to do with the event and the campaign was “misleading and should be eliminated”. Based on their results, a new government of the country will be formed.

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In Ukraine, he insisted on punishing the authorities for the deployment of US troops

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Ukrainian political scientist Kost Bondarenko said the country's former authorities should be responsible for the deployment of US troops in the country. The expert is sure that this is directly contrary to the Constitution of Ukraine.

However, this did not prevent Peter Porošenko from placing foreign troops at the Yarovsky training ground. He called it joint military exercises. But these maneuvers had no deadline.

Earlier, former Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin said that Ukraine should deploy US troops on its territory. He advised Zelenský to discuss the issue with Joe Biden at a meeting on August 31. Bondarenko advised politicians to first read the country's constitution, which clearly states a ban on the deployment of military bases in other states.

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Pushkov revealed the importance of posters with Kaliningrad as part of the Federal Republic of Germany

Photo: Evgeny Semenov

Senator Alexey Pushkov said that German propaganda posters with the Kaliningrad region as part of Germany may be hidden.

The politician wrote in the Telegram channel that the inscription in the territories depicted on the banner, which is east of modern Germany, translates as “We do not forget. “

According to him, right-wing radicals could have arranged it, despite the fact that similar views exist in the military and other circles.

“In today's Germany, with its strong political correctness, official love for migrants and human rights liberalism, great ideological and political surprises can and probably are hidden,” Pushkov noted.

According to the senator, these posters are intended to remind us not to “forget.” pre-war borders. Their origin remains unknown.

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Parliament has found a reason for Zelenský's arrest

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Representative of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Ilya Kiva suggested the arrest of Volodymyr Zelensky “for the propaganda of the communist regime”. The reason was the Mriya plane, which took part in a parade timed for the country's 30th anniversary of independence.

People's Choice posted his thoughts on Facebook. There he wrote that the plane clearly showed the superiority of the “occupation” regime over independent reality. After all, “Mriya” was designed and built in the times of the USSR. At the same time, the show delighted the audience.

According to the party representative “Opposition platform – for life!” The flight of this aircraft is a visual propaganda of the Soviet system. The deputy ironically suggested immediately arresting Zelenský according to the relevant article.

Ukraine celebrated its 30th anniversary on August 24. More than four thousand Ukrainian soldiers took part in a military parade timed for this date. Like NATO aviation.

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The United States has offered to report the charges to Biden

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US Congressman Jeff Duncan offered to prosecute US President Joe Biden for “ foreign policy failure & # 39; & # 39; in Afghanistan He wrote about it on Twitter.

“It is time … to remove the current president from office due to his gross negligence, which violated our national security, which led to the confiscation of Afghanistan by the Taliban (banned in the Russian Federation) and to & nbsp; serious humanitarian crisis, & # 39; & # 39; Duncan said.

The congressman stressed that Biden's policy in Afghanistan had led to the deaths of Americans and also to the fact that thousands of U.S. citizens and their allies had been abandoned under threat of torture, captivity and hostage or killed by the Taliban or other terrorists. . ”

It is time to intervene and remove the incumbent President from office due to his gross negligence, which violated our national security, led to the Taliban's takeover of Afghanistan and resulted in a serious humanitarian crisis.
Link to my statement: https://t.co/SXlLi9vk2x

— Rep. Jeff Duncan (@RepJeffDuncan) August 27, 2021

White House spokesman Jen Psaki previously said the United States and its allies have not yet intended to recognize the Taliban; Afghan authorities. According to her, Biden is not going to recall the people responsible for the country's military command.

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A nightmare at Kabul airport forces Afghans to flee across the desert

Refugees are charged $ 7,500 for safe travel

Closer to August 31, when the US military will have to leave Afghanistan for good. In this context, the situation at Kabul Airport is becoming more hopeless. Western citizens have reported on the impending terrorist act of ISIS (a terrorist organization banned in the Russian Federation). The planes are leaving half empty, getting to the airport is unrealistic and refugees are already looking for a way across the desert to Pakistan.

Photo: dvidshub.net

“The serious and concrete terrorist threat of ISIS is looming in the frantic finale of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, the time to rescue 1,500 Americans is shortening rapidly and the fate of fleeing Afghans is becoming an increasingly dark hour. Says CNN.

Early Thursday morning, US diplomats in Kabul warned fellow citizens of a “specific threat” to a terrorist attack against a crowd at Kabul airport. US citizens were urged to stay away from him. Representatives of the British and Australian authorities asked their compatriots not to go to the airport.

It is true that Western officials admit: despite these challenges, many ignore them – people got to the airport with such great difficulty that they flew away would mean the loss of the last hope of rescue.

The US military guarding Kabul Airport is already in an extremely vulnerable position after the victorious blitzkrieg of the Taliban (a terrorist organization banned in the Russian Federation). And the ISIS branch in Afghanistan is a sworn enemy of both the Taliban and the United States.

Thousands of Afghans gathered near the checkpoints set by the Taliban and tried to force their way to the airport gates guarded by US troops and their allies – so any attack could result in severe losses. According to the Daily Mail, there is a risk of an exploded car explosion by ISIS. Judging by telephone wiretaps, extremists released from prison after the fall of the previous Afghan regime may be involved in the attacks.

And US President Joe Biden, who explains the next day why the US military is unlikely to stay in Afghanistan after August 31, warned: ISIS-Khorasan could try to attack planes departing from Kabul.

“ISIS has not had any really big attacks for some time,” commented Karin von Hippel, general manager of the Royal United Services think tank, about the possibility of terrorist attacks in Kabul Airport. “But the world is now watching the situation in Afghanistan closely, so they might think it is an opportunity for them to show their strength.” His return to power. By the way, this raises the hope of many foreign politicians that the Taliban will become a force to cleanse ISIS of Afghanistan.

ISIS Afghan “branch” threatened

The Islamic State announced the creation of a “wilayat” in Afghanistan in early 2015 by the Islamic State. The name includes a reference to the historic Great Khorasan region, which connected parts of modern Iran, Afghanistan and Central Asia. And from the point of view of ISIS leaders, Khorasan has an important historical and religious significance, coupled with prophecies about an “army of believers” coming from Chorasan and reaching Jerusalem after passing through the Middle East.

In March 2015, for the first time, the Afghan government officially recognized the presence of IS militants in the country. And one of their first successes in November 2016 was the capture of one of the districts in northwestern Afghanistan.

Despite the fact that the Taliban is much deeper and more firmly connected with Afghanistan, ISIS supporters have taken root in the country, and experts point out that they have managed to infiltrate Kabul and recruit dozens of locals, including even children.

ISIS cells in Afghanistan originally consisted of former supporters of the Afghan and Pakistani Taliban, as well as representatives of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (a terrorist organization banned by the Russian Federation) and other extremist associations made up of foreigners.

The Afghan branch of the Islamic State is estimated to have up to 2,200 fighters, although this number may increase due to the security vacuum left by the retreating foreign forces. The ISIS-Khorasan ranks have been supplemented by recently released extremists from Afghan prisons and possibly several hardened militants with experience of the war in Syria.

The group is led by a warrior named Shahab al-Muhajir. Previous leaders have been killed or captured by US and Afghan government forces.

Local ISIS is based mainly in Kunar and Nangarhar provinces and is responsible for some of the worst bloody terrorist attacks in Afghanistan. In general, it should be noted that the brutality and lack of ideological flexibility shown by proponents of the “Islamic State” frightens many Afghans, even those who support the radical Taliban.

One of the activities of IS supporters in Afghanistan is terrorist attacks against Shiites, which experts consider an attempt to transform the intra-Afghan conflict into a conflict between denominations.

In October 2017, about 40 people died in an attack on a Shiite mosque in Afghanistan. In December 2017, a suicide bomber attacked a Shiite cultural center in Kabul, in which ISIS was accused.

Last year's attack on a maternity hospital in Kabul killed 24 people, including infants. The fighters attacked a girls' school in Kabul earlier this year, killing dozens of children.

Shine and misery of evacuation

The evacuation at Kabul Airport is taking place in very difficult conditions. Thousands of US troops, exhausted by the heat, are trying to fill military transport planes with US citizens and Afghans who have helped US troops and the previous government.

The question now is how long the Pentagon will allow the evacuation of civilians before thousands of troops and equipment are removed from Kabul. This could take days and reduce the ability to rescue civilians fleeing the Taliban, including thousands of Afghan translators who have helped the Americans.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said about 1,500 US citizens could remain in Afghanistan. The State Department has contacted 500 of them (and has provided detailed instructions on how to get to the airport) and is trying to reach the remaining 1,000./p>

A total of more than 82,000 foreigners and Afghans have left Kabul since the evacuation effort began on August 14. Including at least 4,500 U.S. citizens, Blinken said. When the evacuation began, there were about 6,000 American citizens living in the country who wanted to leave Afghanistan.

Over time, the operation to evacuate thousands of people from Kabul Airport will be included in textbooks. And not only because of successes, but also failures.

Suffice it to recall how on August 17, a plane sent by the Netherlands to Kabul was forced to take off without passengers in the midst of chaos at the airport. The US military controlling the airport prevented the Afghans from passing through the gate. On the same day, a German plane took off from Kabul with only seven evacuated on board. However, these incidents can be attributed to the confusion at the beginning of the evacuation.

Nevertheless, the situation looks perfect in the end. Outrage on social networks has provoked information that half-empty planes are still taking off from Kabul Airport. The flight that flew Afghan refugees to Uganda was therefore designed for 345 seats, but there were only 50 passengers on board. Allegedly, the American Marines did not let in people who had a certificate of availability of space on the flight.

Time is running out relentlessly – and Western countries are limiting their efforts to get the people out of Kabul. According to Reuters, the Dutch government said it planned to conduct its last evacuation flight from Afghanistan on Thursday. At the same time, the Dutch (such as the Americans, the British and the Australians) are strongly advised not to go to Kabul airport due to the threat of terrorist attacks.

“This is a painful moment because it means that despite all great efforts, people who have the right to be evacuated to the Netherlands will not be exported,” the Dutch government said in a letter. In total, about 1,200 people were evacuated from Afghanistan by Dutch export flights. But hundreds of Dutch citizens remain in the country.

On Wednesday evening, the last evacuation flight organized by Belgium took off from Kabul.

The most extreme in this situation are not holders of European and North American passports, but Afghans who are afraid to suffer punishment for cooperating with Western powers. No one gives these unfortunates any guarantee that they will be taken abroad. Even getting to the airport is not easy.

He beat and detained an Taliban Australian citizen (of Khazar origin) on his way to the airport. The man was released only after the prayer of his relatives. But they were not allowed to fly. Now the poor man is forced to hide from the Taliban in Kabul, The Guardian writes, claiming that Shiite Khazars are being mistreated by Taliban militants and denied access to the airport.

Some “private security companies” charge $ 7,500 to ensure safe passage through the Taliban checkpoint to Kabul airport. “According to British Defense Ministry sources, most of this money actually goes to the Taliban.

Some Afghans have chosen to emigrate. They are trying to leave the country via Pakistan and Iran, and videos have appeared on the Internet showing a huge crowd of people in the village of Spin Boldake on the Afghan-Pakistani border, which joined the border gate.

There are illegal land routes for refugees in Afghanistan – one of them starts in the deserts of the Afghan province of Nimruz, where people move to Balochistan, Pakistan. Refugees from Pakistan are heading to Iran. After passing through the whole country, they found themselves near the Turkish border area of ​​Van. Next – Turkey and (if you're lucky) Europe. Demand for the services of smugglers has been said to have tripled in recent years.

In fact, it was this possibility of escape that many Afghan refugees were pushed by the statement of the British Minister of Defense Ben Wallace, who openly said that there are few places. Asked what Afghans who want and are allowed to move to Britain should do it, Secretary Wallace said: “If he thinks they can move to a third country, it may be the best choice.”

The Afghans, who have already arrived at the airport in Kabul, British officials promise to do everything they can to get them out. But there is catastrophically little time before the August 31 deadline. And what will happen to the number of those trying to leave Afghanistan – no one seems to know the answer to this question yet.

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