Russia has refused to extend the OSCE's mandate on the border with Ukraine

Photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Reasons for the extension of the mandate multilateral checkpoints in Gukov and Donetsk is not a group of OSCE observers. This was stated at a meeting of the OSCE Permanent Council by Alexander Lukashevich, Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the OSCE. According to Lukashevich, the Russian leadership believes that the observation team will be able to carry out all necessary administrative procedures and limit its activities for the remainder of its legal operation.

Lukashevich stressed that OSCE observers had been deployed on Russian territory to influence Kiev and deliver on promises to end the Donbass operation. However, the Ukrainian authorities did not seek to achieve this goal.


Putin's clause on the Seven Years' War was not called accidental


Russian President Vladimir It was no coincidence that during an open lesson on September 1, 2021, Putin made reservations about the Seven Years' War. This is the opinion of Olga Medvedeva, chairwoman of the regional branch of the Russian school movement in Komi.

Recall that Putin made a reservation and replaced the Northern War in seven years. The Northern War took place at the beginning of the 18th century, led by the Russian Emperor Peter I. The Seven Years' War took place half a century later, the Russian Empire at that time was ruled by Empress Elizaveta Petrovna.

A Russian schoolboy from Vorkuta corrected the president and specified that it was a northern war in the years 1700-1721. Putin thanked the student for his remark.


Qatar and Turkey have decided to help the Taliban

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Uploaded by Western The media, Qatar and Turkey provide financial support to the Taliban regime (banned as a terrorist organization in the Russian Federation) in Afghanistan.

This provides financial assistance to the Taliban of about $ 30 million. This amount was named by a representative of the Taliban movement.

Please note that Kabul Airport will resume operations within the next 2 days. Turkey and Qatar will provide financial assistance to Kabul. As you know, Qatar is one of the main sponsors of radical Islamic movements in the world.


Zacharova spoke about the work of the Russian embassy in Afghanistan

Photo: Natalia Muschinkina Maria Zakharova at the briefing on Thursday On September 2, he assessed the socio-economic situation in Afghanistan after the change of power in the country: the country's traditional donors from the West. Uncertainty remains about the resumption of work of state institutions, banks. & # 39; & # 39;

Maria Zakharova said there was dissatisfaction with Taliban policy in Kabul and other major cities amid rising prices for essential goods, especially food and fuel. (terrorist organization banned in Russia).

“ In this regard, we call on the international community to take effective measures to prevent the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, & ndash; added the official representative of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. & ndash; For our part, we are working on the possibility of delivering Russian humanitarian aid to Kabul.

Zakharova also said that according to reports from Afghanistan, Taliban representatives are taking steps to create a new political system in the country: we support the early formation of an inclusive coalition government involving all ethno-political forces in Afghanistan, including national minorities. We also take note of the statement made by Taliban senior Shahabuddeen Delaware. He called on foreign states that hastily curtailed their diplomatic missions to continue their work. This signal demonstrates the readiness of the Taliban leadership to develop relations with the international community. & # 39; & # 39; The security situation of government officials and the building complex is under control at this stage.


The Panjshir resistance announces the entry of Al Qaeda into the Taliban

Photo: Still from video

Resistance forces in The Afghan province of Panjshir has announced that an al-Qaeda group (recognized as terrorist, banned in the Russian Federation) has joined the Taliban (recognized as terrorist, banned in the Russian Federation). Such a message appeared on the Twitter of the resistance forces. Al Qaeda has joined the Taliban in the fight against the Afghan resistance front. The United States has retreated, history repeats itself, “the report said.

Recall that the Panjshir region is the only region not controlled by the Taliban in Afghanistan. In it, a large part of the population is ethnic Tajikians. It is headed by Ahmad Masud, and Amrullah Saleh, who has declared himself the country's incumbent president.


Political scientist Pogrebinsky announced in Washington Zelenský's success over Russia

Photo: Video clip

Famous Ukrainian political scientist Mykhailo Pogrebinsky commented for on talks between US President Joe Biden and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in Washington. The expert noted that the main expectations of the Ukrainian side were not met – it was not possible to persuade the Americans to take action against Nord Stream 2, it was not possible to start a conversation about compensation.

In some respects, however, Zelensky still succeeded, Pogrebinsky said. Donbass touched on the topic during the meeting. Zelensky not only asked Biden to make efforts to free the captured Ukrainians, but also ensured that the Minsk agreements were not mentioned at all. “He mentions the Norman format, but not only the Minsk agreements, but also that the settlement of the conflict in Donbas depends exclusively on Moscow,” the political scientist stressed.

This means that the United States does not see a problem in Ukraine's non-compliance with the agreements. He generally tries not to notice. Although there were hopes in Russia that Biden would meet with Moscow halfway and call on Zelenský to comply with the agreements. “To this success of Zelenský we can add that a large number of agreements have begun, with the exception of the extension of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons,” the political scientist believes.

In general, the meeting between Biden and Zelensky became a signal of the continued enslavement of Ukraine by the Americans. In the United States, they do not hesitate to talk about the desire to gain control of the main branches and the judicial branch of government. They are hiding behind the words about “the fight against corruption”, but this is not true, the expert believes.


Peskov: No contacts are planned between Putin and Biden on the occasion of the 9/11 anniversary

Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Contacts for the Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Joe Biden are not planning to mark the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. This was announced by Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

“No contacts planned,” he said, asking if Putin's condolences or a phone call to Biden was expected that day.

Peskov added that “of course the whole world on this day condolences the Americans in connection with the monstrous terrorist attack.” Bush Jr.


Vandals have discovered a burial ground for Holocaust victims near Rivne


Unknown dug on site of the mass grave of Holocaust victims near the city of Rivne. About 17.5-21 thousand people were buried there.

The incident was reported in the United Jewish Community of Ukraine. In particular, a hole one and a half meters deep was dug, at the bottom of which numerous bones can be seen.

The community emphasized that the police had initiated criminal proceedings under the article “Abuse of the grave” and were looking for people involved in the crime. Vandals face up to 3 years in prison.


“Forget the word 'Taliban': a former SVR officer praised Russia's cooperation with them

The Liberation Movement or the Pakistani occupiers

The words of Foreign Ministry officials who call Taliban representatives recognized as terrorists and banned in Russia as “adequate people” are causing a certain culture shock. Almost the same as the open arrival of members of this movement in Moscow.

My partner is a former employee of a foreign intelligence service. His controversial views on the situation in Afghanistan will help to understand the attitude of the Russian authorities towards the Taliban.

Photo: AP

His career is closely linked to Afghanistan, he says that everything that is happening in this state now is not so simple and unambiguous, and least of all, Russia today needs to create new external enemies. Moreover, the Pashtun people who took power, most of whom are members of the Taliban, never treated us badly.

“I think the term” Taliban “will be gradually replaced by the term” Pashtun majority. “Forget the word. I don't like it myself. In fact, unlike the Americans, we really have nothing to do with Pashtuns. Pashtuns cared for the graves of Soviet soldiers when they first came to power in 1996. “

I can say that, as a representative of European civilization and culture, I cannot agree with some of the considerations that my counterpart has expressed about Pashtuns, their way of life, the centuries-old “code of honor”. Even more, many Orientalists disagree with his definition of the Taliban as a Pashtun majority (you can read their opinion below). Nevertheless, his prediction of further events in Afghanistan deserves attention. In addition, he has sincere concerns about the future of this country.

“If you only knew how beautiful Afghanistan itself was forty years ago,” my partner begins. – It was just an oriental story. Everything was destroyed by the war. Without it, tourism would bring in billions. But at the same time, it must be understood that Afghanistan – then and always – is a Pashtun state, its titular nation, accounting for 70% of the population, and not the remaining 30% of the Tajiks and Uzbeks.

– Here you have to start almost from the creation of the world. To understand that historically, the state of Afghanistan was purely Pashtun, after the United Kingdom and the Russian Empire in the 19th century. century divided the boundaries for drawing the telegraph line, the so-called Durand line was created – an almost unmarked multi-kilometer border between Afghanistan and Pakistan. And since then, Afghanistan has become multinational. The Uzbeks, the Tajiks speaking the Dari language, joined. Before the same nationality, “Afghan” did not exist in nature. There were Pashtuns and the rest of the minority.

– Yes, that's right. In the same year, Afghanistan became independent of Great Britain as a result of the coup. Mutual recognition was therefore mutually beneficial.

In 1933, Zahir Shah came to power, who ruled until 1973. He pursued a policy of building a secular state, but despite the fact that he was also a Pashtun, the Pashtuns did not accept what he did. Because for many hundreds of years they themselves lived not according to Islam, but according to the so-called Pashtunwalai. This is their “code of honor” not only from before Sharia, but from the time of Ali Baba and the 40 robbers, meaning that its roots go back to antiquity. And now that the Pashtuns say that they will judge those who have broken the law with the court of sharia, it means that they are really going for concessions and forgiveness, because the sharia is much softer than the Pashtunwalai.

– Men who break the ancient law must also die. There are no exceptions. Pashtuns defend the honor of their wives at all costs, protecting women from all dangers. That's why he doesn't let them go and protects his faces from prying eyes.

Yes, Pashtuns have the death penalty for crimes against God, just as in the United States there is the death penalty for crimes against the state.

The Pashtuns of their time supported the arrival of Islam in the East because, in their opinion, the neighbors were drowned in debauchery. Concubines, harems, Arabic stories – all this is sinful and does not lead to anything good. Because the Pashtuns themselves have always lived differently. Their way of life is most similar to the socialist or something. They have a clan head, but this position is not inherited. They have no personal money, all the tribe's money is shared.

According to Pashtunwalai, they have a sense of duty to their country, a sense of justice, which forces them to take revenge on their perpetrators. He believes that any insult or ridicule can only be washed away with blood.

For many reasons, these principles have not changed for centuries. At the same time, in Pashtun society, it is much harder to be a man than a woman. They are men who are forced to make money for all their wives, for Pashtun it is a shame not to be able to support a family.

– So it seems only to Europeans raised in a different culture. Pashtuns are not against women's freedoms. In their territory, which is quiet today, there have always been women's schools, girls are allowed to study as teachers, doctors, that is, they can acquire the original women's profession. However, Pashtunvalai actually prescribes revenge for the defiled honor of a woman, and to avoid this, a woman, mother, sister, wife, daughter should not be left alone for a minute. Outraged honor is the death of the whole family, that is the law of the ages.

Pashtuns are convinced that if they eradicate a crime, as in Qatar, when they can be calm for the safety of their daughters, only then will they walk alone and do not cover your faces.

Do you know why they marry girls at the age of seven? It's not early sex. In this respect, pâtés are extremely traditional. To the boy, the groom, because he is also only seven. The girl, from an early age, moves under the wings of her husband's parents, is brought up and everyone is calm for her honor.

– But this is how the world of pashtuns and their ideas of what is right and what is not has not changed since the Middle Ages.

Here we must remember what is said about the formation of the Taliban: in 1994, a group of government soldiers abducted two girls from a Pashtun village and raped them all night. Then the founder of the movement, Mullah Omar, gathered his students (“Talib” means “student, student”) from the madrasa, took weapons and killed this military unit, but were forced to kill the wounded girls, according to Pashtunwalai. Otherwise, the shame fell on the whole family.

In 1994, the Pashtuns pledged to stop the illegality of government forces, and two years later, in 1996, they took power for the first time in Afghanistan. And then the Mujahideen, the Uzbeks and Tajiks, broke out, I must say, unsuccessfully.

The war ended in 1999, when Americans supporting the Mujahideen bombed Mullah Omar's home village. The bombing killed 3,000 people, including the entire family of Mullah Omar. Then the Taliban, along with al-Qaeda (an organization recognized as terrorist and banned in Russia), which had the financial means and support of the Saudis, held the 9/11 in America.

In the same 2001, the Americans landed a military contingent and again transferred power in the country to the minority, depriving the Pashtuns of their ancestral lands and rights. In recent years, the United States has strengthened its presence here, Mullah Omar died of tuberculosis, and Osama bin Laden, the head of al-Qaeda, was killed.

But these are all problems for the Americans and their relationship with the Pashtuns. For us, these tribes, unlike the same mujahideen, have never been fierce enemies. Why did the Pashtuns take care of the graves of our soldiers during the Afghan war? Because we believed that during our presence in Afghanistan, we did nothing wrong for them, took nothing from anyone, built something, somehow helped. From their point of view, Soviet troops did not violate the “code of honor.”

– Let's be honest, Soviet troops were present in Afghanistan from 1958 to 1974. In 1974 – the withdrawal of troops, in 1979 – re-entry. When King Daoud's cousin deposed King Zahir Shah in 1973 and became the first president of Afghanistan, he brought religious values ​​to the country. Then the People's Democratic Party came to power. Afterwards, Hafizullah Amin, the Secretary General of the PDPA, spoke about the deployment of NATO troops in Afghanistan.

Of course, ours could not allow it. And then, on December 27, 1979, it was decided to rejoin the troops. King Zahir Shah (Pashtun) was pro-Soviet, his brother Daud (Pashtun) was pro-Soviet, while Amin (also Pashtun) was pro-American. He studied in the United States, rumored to have worked for the CIA. In fact, if ours had not entered, then the Americans would have entered on the same day. Ours just landed faster. I do not know to what extent this information is confirmed by open sources, but that was exactly the case. The Americans turned in the air. We defended our borders and our interests.

– The Americans arranged their problems themselves. In 2019, the Pashtuns negotiated with the United States to accept their candidates for the Afghan presidential election. However, because all the leaders of the Pashtun families were part of the Taliban as governing organizations, tribal councils, they were not allowed to do so. Turnout was less than 30%. And soon after the vote, the Pashtuns went on the offensive.

Three months ago, they added an ultimatum: either the Americans would withdraw their troops by September 11, or they would continue the gazavat. And Biden had no choice but to say he agreed. In order not to repeat the tragedy 20 years ago. Because many Pashtuns have had American passports for a long time, they have been legalized there and are just waiting to be ordered. The current US administration understands this very well.

– Pashtuns declare that they will rule their country, trade in opium, mine minerals and use the money for development. I believe this is their full right.

– It's actually stuffing, the video is old. It has nothing to do with current events. In 2015, an amusement park opened in Kandahar and filming from there. You just don't understand. Pashtuns are like children. Their boys must become warriors too soon, and when adult men have the opportunity to rest between battles, they do so with all the joy they can.

– Are you sure the Pashtuns did it? Yes, ours have recognized the Taliban as a banned terrorist organization to please Americans. I think that in the near future, the Russian Federation will increasingly deviate from this name and call it Pashtuns Pashtuns.

After all, if they are in the majority, they have the right to live in their territory as they wish. Pashtuns have their own idea of ​​what their state should be like. They have changed. They don't cheat when they talk about it. They grew up. They want to build Afghanistan on the example of Saudi Arabia.

And believe me, once the level of security in the country becomes sufficient from their point of view, the same women will be able to drive a car and move freely. By the way, rich Saudis have it.

Once they realized that it was impossible for women to get to big shopping malls and shop without a car, they got a driver's license. You may not believe me, but most Pashtun women do not depress the life they lead from birth – they are quite happy in themselves. Ask them and they will answer that they are happy to wear a burqa.

– Yes, while Kabul Airport is closed. NATO evacuation is underway (after writing this material, the US military completed the evacuation from Afghanistan and the airport was transferred to the Taliban. – MK ). If you want to fly to Afghanistan now, you have to fly to Karachi – the largest city in Pakistan. From here, the bus journey takes 10-12 hours. The borders are open and Pashtuns can easily come and go through the checkpoint wherever they want. Everyone else must first prove their credibility.

It will not be difficult for those who have not worked for the Americans. In a month, the Pashtuns will deal with the new “Northern Alliance”, check who is needed. You just have to wait. They have already declared an amnesty. I think that from the end of September, Kabul Airport will work for everyone. Pashtuns are not dark. He just returns his.

– At the dawn of its existence, the Taliban (a terrorist organization banned in Russia) did have in many ways the features of the Pashtun National Islamic Movement, which actively used jihadist slogans and practices. The dominant role in the leadership of the first Taliban (second half of the 1990s – 2001) was played by immigrants from Greater Kandahar (Kandahar, Zabul, Helmand provinces), who belonged to the Pashtun group of Durrani tribes. The same founder of the Taliban movement, Mullah Mohammad Omar, was Durrani Pashtun.

These include the now-famous Taliban leaders, Mullah James and Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar. Later, people of the Haqqani clan, part of the Pashtun group of Gilzai tribes, began to play an increasingly important and perhaps key role in leading the Taliban today.

Leader Haqqani Network (a terrorist organization banned in Russia) Sirajuddin Haqqani is officially one of the three deputies of Taliban leader Maulawi Haybatullah Akhund. Many experts in Afghanistan and Pakistan say there has been a latent and rather acute power struggle between the Haqqani Ghilzai faction and the Talranan-led Durrani group for some time, which is very likely to intensify in the foreseeable future.

In the second (current) Taliban, which returned to power in Afghanistan in mid-August, non-Pashtun elements, especially Tajik field commanders, are beginning to play an increasingly important role. Thanks to their support, the Taliban managed to capture more than 200 regions in northern Afghanistan in three weeks, where mainly Tajiks and Uzbeks live. Many Afghan provinces in the north of the country now control Tajik groups.

If current Taliban leaders intend to build a relatively stable political regime in Afghanistan, they will have to abandon their exclusive bet on Pashtun groups and embark on a path of multi-ethnic government. Otherwise, the Taliban regime will begin to collapse much faster than the institutions of the Islamic Republic, which have existed for almost 20 years.

By the way, the exact number of Pashtuns in Afghanistan today is not known. In the early 1930s and 1940s, it was the dominant ethnic group in Afghan society. However, a few years ago, the official number of Pashtuns, according to the census, dropped to 50 percent (bad languages ​​said the figure was even lower, but Afghanistan's political leadership at the time decided to stop at half the Pashtuns' share in the Afghan ethnic orchestra).

Many experts believe that the Pashtuns have long since ceased to be not only the dominant ethnic group, but even the majority of the population of Afghanistan. In their view, after thirty years of constant war, thanks to the Taliban, which persecuted Pashtun youth for jihad for about 20 years, the number of pashtuns has dropped significantly – the Pashtuns have eventually become the main victims of organized Taliban jihad. Therefore, some Afghan analysts believe that the number of Pashtuns and Tajiks in modern Afghanistan has “roughly equaled”.

Tajik President Emomali Rahmon recently announced that Tajikis have a 46 percent share of Afghanistan's population. If you believe this number, and even take into account the noticeable presence of Uzbeks and Hazaras in Afghan society (at least about 20 percent in general), then the number of pashtuns in Afghanistan will be in the range of 35-40 percent. We would suggest that Mr Rahmon somewhat exaggerated the share of the Tajiks. But even in this case, we will have to admit that the Pashtuns are no longer the dominant ethnic group in Afghanistan.

The current Taliban to some extent remains the spokesperson for the interests of the country's Pashtun population. After the Americans and NATO were expelled from Afghanistan to Pakistan by the Taliban, they came under the strict control of the Pakistani military and special services. At the time of its triumph in the summer of 2021, the Taliban finally transformed into a hybrid army of Islamabad, with which they waged a hybrid war against the Afghan government.

Today's Taliban leaders are primarily leaders of Pakistan's interests in Afghanistan. And as practice shows, these interests are very far from the interests of the Pashtun people.

In Pakistan itself, the Pashtuns are one of the discriminatory ethnic groups that are subject to political repression and real genocide (Pashtun Imran Khan's presence as prime minister should not be misleading – the Pakistani military and intelligence are under the full control of the Punjabi elite). Therefore, in the Pasha province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in Pakistan, the Pashtun Tahafuz (Protection of Pashtuns) movement has existed for several years. Its leaders and activists are fighting to end the genocide of the Pashtuns, blaming the military, special services and political leadership of Pakistan.

The Pakistani leadership has been using the Taliban for many years as a tool to control, pressure and exterminate (under the slogan jihad) pashtuns on both sides of the “Durand Line” (Afghanistan-Pakistan border). There is no doubt that Islamabad will continue to do so now that Taliban leaders are settling in the apartments of the Arg Presidential Palace in Kabul.

So it is not worth comparing Pashtuns and Taliban in modern Afghanistan. Moreover, among the interests of the Taliban terrorist group, which is dependent on the Pakistani establishment for anti-Pashtun and anti-Fghan policies, and the Pashtuns, who see the Islamabad state line as a form of occupation and ethnic oppression.


Zelensky on Biden's carpet: what will the Ukrainian president return with?

Putin will be an invisible participant in the Washington meeting

The significance and meaning of the Green Visit to Washington is best illustrated by an old anecdote: people come to the boss with their own opinion and leave his own opinion, but this time his . There is some exaggeration in Russia's popular view of the Washington Regional Committee, which governs Ukraine. Kiev's political elite is not a blind conductor of the US will, but is actively trying to create a situation in which the Ukrainian tail could shake an American dog. For Kiev, however, it turns out very badly.

Still from the movie “Servant People”

Germans and French in the Ukrainian capital do not hesitate to send directly or slightly veiled when their “advice” is irritating, but no one on Zelenský's team dares to play such games with America, and the Ukrainian leader will engage in a dialogue with Biden from an openly subordinate position. Vice-President.

With what prey does this petitioner leave the US capital? Zelenskyj has strong and weak political cards. Let's start with the second one. A visitor to the regional committee, citizen Z., was cut off from the opportunity to appeal to higher authorities – to Congress, which serves as the central committee in Washington.

If the President of Ukraine were invited to the US capital not at the turn of August and September, he would certainly use this opportunity to annoy members of the Senate and the House of Representatives: you say that you are putting pressure on the local administration! They do not sufficiently support our struggle for the ideas of democracy and against Russian aggression! But unfortunately, aha, knowing how effective Zelensky was as a “motivational speaker,” the apparatchiks closed such a gap for him. The US Central Committee is now closed – all congressmen are on vacation.

Biden is clearly not on Zelenský now. The President of the United States has just organized one of the worst disasters in American foreign policy ever. And this catastrophe (I don't think there is any need to explain in detail that we are talking about Afghanistan) is far from over.

Zelenskiy is openly distracting from what is important to Biden and America right now. In this situation, however, in addition to the obvious disadvantages, there are also obvious advantages for the Ukrainian president. Anything that can distract Afghanistan for a brief moment is a real blessing for Biden. It is important for the US President to show that there are problematic and strategically important regions of the world where America's position is still unshakable, where the United States is still loved and appreciated. Zelensky is simply ideal for this.

But the “political fee” he receives in exchange for this role is a completely different matter. The list of wishes with which the Ukrainian president came to the United States is almost endless. For example, one of the senior Green Staff officials, Tymofiy Mylovanov, on the eve of the chief's departure for Washington, expressed the view that America should fund Ukraine with the same amount that until recently was funded by Afghanistan.

I do not think that Biden will repeat Zelenský's famous words from the chief European diplomat Josep Borrell that Ukraine should not perceive its partners as an “ATM or charity”. The President of the USA understands that when Washington forced Kiev to swallow a bitter pill in the form of the American refusal to desperately fight Nord Stream 2, he is simply obliged to sweeten this pill. But the volume of this sugar syrup will regulate Biden, not Zelensky. The President of Ukraine will be asked to take what he gives and, to the best of his ability, to display universal pleasure and ecstasy.

I suspect that Zelenskiy can do it with all his acting skills. It is one thing to respectfully nibble Biden during interviews with American journalists using zoom. Getting into an equally respectful quarrel with Biden in his territory is something else entirely.

It is important for Zelenský to show that he has everything with the American president. Only in this way can it strengthen its internal political position. Therefore, I would dare to repeat my prediction: the audience will be shown a moving picture of complete American-Ukrainian harmony. Maybe Biden will even reveal some of his other salty jokes (or not quite jokes) about Putin. Showman Zelensky should only make him happy.

What will definitely please him less is the invisible presence of Vladimir Vladimirovich at the meeting as a third participant.

At their June meeting in Geneva, Biden and Putin clearly discussed Ukraine. Putin reiterated the seriousness of Russian sentiment by publishing his very suggestive article about our neighboring state next month. I am sure that Biden, as a very experienced politician, has accepted these signals. But what signals will he send behind the scenes to Zelenský?

This is perhaps the main intrigue of the meeting of the two presidents. However, it is unlikely that we would find his answer during the final press conference full of brilliant rhetoric. Let's see what real political agenda Zelenskyj will start pursuing after his return from Washington. Let's see – and that's how we find out Biden's position.