Kuzkin's mother was shown to the West at a security conference in Moscow

Russia's military department strengthens relations with strategic partners.

God do not allow you to live in an era of change, said one of the wise men. We don't all seem lucky. We are at the turn of the day and it is not known how it will all end. And all this is due to the fact that the exclusive power of the United States in the world is falling apart at the seams, everything is moving towards multipolarity. How can we ensure the peaceful coexistence of many centers of power? Participants IX. The Moscow Conference on International Security was puzzled by this, which even the covid did not prevent in 2021.

Photo: Ministry of Defense Press Service

Even when NATO countries again unanimously ignored the Moscow Security Forum and refused to participate, it was clear that there would be no passionate discussions and disputes on the Moscow platform. Because he had no one to argue with. High-ranking military officials from foreign countries who came to Moscow, as well as those who took part in the online discussion on security and strategic stability issues, were unanimous in their threat assessments and from whom they came.

Of course, it would be very interesting to watch the reaction of the representatives of the Pentagon or NATO command, if they were among the participants in the conference, in the hall of the speech of, for example, the Minister of Defense of the People's Republic of China Wei Fenghe. Although he spoke of the United States in a third person without naming it directly, he was very disrespectful and menacing. Including Taiwan, which the Chinese People's Liberation Army “will never let go.”

And there have been many more similar allegations against the United States and NATO. For example, from a high-ranking Iranian soldier who spoke online, or from Belarusian Defense Minister Viktor Khrenin, who accused Washington of hostility.

The conference was traditionally opened by Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. He set the tone for the issues at stake. He identified a new trend as a priority – the formation of global coalitions, the division of the world into “us” and “enemies”. Another recent trend, as Shoigu noted, is aggressive economic pressure as a means of forcing changes in the policies of sovereign states.

Given the composition of the conference participants, Shoigu paid special attention to the situation in the Asia-Pacific region. “As in Europe, advanced, highly prepared groups are being formed here and groups of strike aircraft carriers are being deployed.” In addition to states in the region, Alliance ships are increasingly participating in naval exercises, which increases the risk of incidents during military activities, “the minister said.

At the same time, he said, the situation in the APR is exacerbated by the presence of territorial disputes, as well as US plans to deploy missile defense systems in the region along with strike weapons, as well as medium and shorter-range missiles.

Among the strategic Shoig named Russian partners China, India, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Mongolia. According to him, the dialogue has spread to Indonesia, the Philippines and Brunei. A solid society, given the huge potential of these fast-growing countries, which are home to more than half the world's population.

Shoigu also assessed the situation in Afghanistan after the withdrawal of most US troops from there. He did not rule out a resumption of civil war in the country, noting that a solution to the regional problem was impossible without the participation of neighboring countries, including Pakistan and Iran.

Among the key issues of international security, Shoigu named the strengthening of the terrorist threat in Africa, including Mali, the Central African Republic and Mozambique. According to him, Russia is ready for mutually beneficial cooperation with the countries of the black continent and with most countries in Latin America.

As for the situation in Europe, according to Shogu, “the tendency to strengthen military confrontation”. NATO is building a number of highly prepared groupings and paving the way for the operational transfer of troops to the borders of Russia and Belarus.

The alliance is changing from a regional to a global military-political alliance, whose main task is to control Russia and China, Shoigu concluded. The military confrontation in Europe over NATO policy “is consolidated for one year,” he said.

Shoigu criticized NATO's military activity near the Russian border, which, among other things, provokes the Kiev authorities to vigorously resolve the Donbass problem.

After clearly identifying the problems, Shoigu did not stop and reaffirmed his readiness to discuss these issues openly and with mutual respect. And he even named possible steps for deescalation. For example, the withdrawal of training areas from the contact line or a moratorium on the deployment of medium- and short-range missiles in Europe.

Shoigu also outlined new topics for discussion that emerged as a result of military-technological progress: hypersound, digitization, and robotics. “Space and cyber orders are being formed as part of the armed forces of a number of countries whose main task is not defense, but the planning and conduct of offensive operations in their respective areas,” Shoigu said.

He ended his speech with good will and remembered the excellent musician and humanist Mstislav Rostropovich, who once told Shoigu that he knew how to stop the war.

“I'll put the orchestra on the front line, stand up and play what makes them stop, fold my arms,” ​​he said. At the time, I had questions about this proposal. Today, however, I understand that he was right. After all, an orchestra is not just a collective of musicians. Above all, it is a team of experts in their field who have come together to solve a common problem. The Moscow conference is attended by real security professionals – an orchestra whose goal is to find ways to escalate and ultimately prevent armed conflicts in any part of the world, “Sergei Shoigu addressed the participants of the Moscow Forum.

There is no doubt that the orchestra of experts gathered in Moscow will play as it should at the invitation of the Russian Ministry of Defense. We can only hope that his harmonious remarks will be heard and appreciated by Western listeners.

Russian Chief of Staff Valery Gerasimov has identified several key issues of strategic stability. The General Staff is called the brain of the army. Not so long ago, General Gerasimov, as part of the Russian delegation, attended the work of the Russian-American summit in Geneva.

Gerasimov explained why it was possible to extend the START-3 agreement. “The Russian Federation and the United States have shown the same desire to extend it.” Both states are interested in the predictability of the development of the other party's nuclear forces, “said the general.

However, we must think about future agreements, believes the Chief of General Staff. Gerasimov explained why a dialogue on the future nuclear weapons control mechanism is necessary: ​​new factors have emerged that determine strategic stability. It is about creating high-precision, hypersonic and kinetic weapons, strike drones. According to the Chief of General Staff, all these weapons “blur the boundaries between the potential of nuclear and non-nuclear weapons.”

The military leader emphasized: our country's nuclear policy is purely defensive. The Russian Federation reserves the right to use nuclear weapons in response to the use of nuclear and other types of weapons of mass destruction against it or its allies, as well as aggression against Russia using conventional weapons if the very existence of the state is threatened, the Chief of General Staff confirmed.

What worries the Russian General Staff? Above all, it is about the progress of NATO infrastructure to the borders of Russia, the deployment of advanced formations on the territory of new members of the alliance. Units of NATO countries that have come from afar are permanently in Eastern Europe. And there are up to 10,000 such people. And the number of troops in the same Poland will grow.

Another threat to us comes from US missile defense equipment in Europe. For the use of naval missiles “Tomahok” with a range of up to 2400 km can universal launchers Mk-41 anti-missile systems Aegis Ashor deployed in Romania and in the future also in Poland. be used.

The General Staff notes the increased activity of NATO naval forces near the border with Russia, including in the Black and Baltic Seas. In addition, NATO members are about to provoke, which may end, no one knows how. Thus, on October 13, 2020, the British Navy's URO “Dragon” destroyer, which made a crossing with radar stations for weapons control and detection of air targets turned on for radiation, violated the right to innocent passage through the Russian Federation 22 km west of Sevastopol. A month later, US Navy destroyer John McCain distinguished himself. He broke the state border of the Russian Federation in the northwestern part of the Sea of ​​Japan during access to Peter the Great Bay 93 km south of Vladivostok and deepened more than 2 km into the Russian territorial sea.

“This creates the preconditions for incidents that do not help reduce tensions in the military field,” Gerasimov warned.

Another area that he says the Western country is looking at is the Russian Arctic. “The shortest maritime road between Europe and Asia is located in the Russian Arctic – North Sea.” The Russian Federation has everything it needs to ensure the safety of navigation in difficult ice conditions, as well as to protect the Arctic ecosystem, “Gerasimov made it clear to alien lovers.

As for the formation of a multipolar world, the Chief of General Staff was not diplomatic and put everything on the shelves: “The situation in the world clearly shows that the period of exclusive domination of individual states has passed. The number of states with significant military economic potential is increasing, without which it is now impossible to solve regional and world problems. These include Brazil, India, China, Russia, the United States, European Union countries and other states that are centers of power on a global and regional scale. Their number will only increase. “

Washington's egocentrism was” under pressure “by comparing the” hegemon “to the BRIC countries.

However, Gerasimov also did not slam the door on his Western partners … According to him, “it is in our common interest to continue working on a peaceful political and diplomatic settlement of regional conflicts and crises to ensure strategic stability.”

Chief of General Staff he advised candidates for world domination “to show political will, wisdom and foresight.”

For seven years, NATO has avoided military contacts with Russia. But a holy place is never empty. As the Moscow Security Conference has shown again, Russia has someone to be friends with and discuss strategic stability.

By the way, the Russian military department actively used the conference time to negotiate with the military leaders of a number of countries. For example, with Azhira, Myanmar, Venezuela, Mexico, Serbia and other countries.

A characteristic touch of the atmosphere of these talks: during a meeting with Myanmar's Supreme Commander Min Aung Hline, Russia's defense, Minister Sergei Shoigu gave a greeting in Burmese, which is considered one of the most difficult in the world.

If there is mutual respect, there are no barriers, let alone a language barrier. Hopefully this simple truth will soon reach our Western partners.

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An incident with the guards occurred during a meeting between Zelenský and Zurabishvili

Ukraine is trying to decipher another political symbol

And once again about symbolism. During the official ceremony of the meeting with the Presidents of Ukraine and Georgia in Kiev, a soldier of the honor guard threw a scabbard from a saber that hung on his side on the ground. He bent down quickly, practically bowed to the two presidents and lifted the fallen part off the ground. Vladimir Zelensky just smiled. But the rest remains.

Photo: president.gov.ua.

Everyone remembers how during the inauguration of Petro Porošenko, an honor guard soldier threw a weapon from his hands and almost fell at the feet of the new president. Lovers of “secret signs” associated with the subsequent failure of Ukrainian troops in the Donbas and numerous losses in “ boilers“. They also recalled how, during Yanukovych's inauguration at the entrance to the hall, he was almost thrown back by the massive front door: so they took him out of the presidency without waiting for the end of his term. And in May 2010, during a joint & nbsp; with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev at a funeral service at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Kiev, a funeral wreath fell on Yanukovych's head. And it so happened that with the departure of Viktor Fedorovich, all the joint events of the Russian Federation and Ukraine were “ covered with a funeral wreath“. So don't believe in the sign anymore …

What can mean the current loss of the saber scabbard that interrupted the army's ceremonial message to two presidents & mdash; Vladimir Zelensky and Salome Zurabishvili. As you know, the meeting between the two presidents discussed the issues of vaccination, the facilitation of border crossings and the return of citizens of both countries, who are in custody in Georgia or Ukraine, to their homeland. This means that there was no talk of a joint military exercise. Except that both countries are seeking NATO. And as you know, they both made it clear that & nbsp; until he has to wait for alliance membership …

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The US and Germany negotiated assistance to the Ukrainian energy sector

Photo: Dreamstime.com

Washington and Berlin discuss delivery options assistance to Ukraine following the launch of the Nord Stream 2 project. Bloomberg reported, citing its sources. According to the Agency's staff, the assistance is to be provided by supporting the energy sector.

In particular, Germany and the United States can invest in the construction of new power plants and the creation of large-scale infrastructure. Germany even offered to start negotiations with Russia on the transit of Russian gas to Ukraine.

Another possibility that the USA insists on is to limit the use of Nord Stream 2 in the event that Russia tries to put pressure on Ukraine … Officials of the Federal Republic of Germany are against this business. Because they don't want to use the pipeline for political purposes.

Bloomberg journalists write that the main provisions of these agreements can be agreed upon by the visit of German Chancellor Angela Merkel to the United States, which is scheduled for July. The consultations are attended by the foreign ministries of both countries, an adviser to German Chancellor Jan Hecker and US President's Assistant President Joe Biden Jake Sullivan.

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Parliament said that Zelenský wanted to transfer part of Ukraine to Russia

Photo: Dreamstime.com

Vladimír Zelenský v the desire to give part of the country to neighboring states. Deputies from the Opposition Platform – for Life group reacted to Zelenský's statement about the possible construction of a wall on the border with Donbas.

MEPs are sure that the whole problem is that Zelensky's team cannot negotiate. Therefore, it cannot fulfill its obligations to voters.

First, the wall on the border with Donbass, and then the wall on the border with Crimea, say MEPs. So you can gradually distribute the country. At the same time involving citizens who are tired of war in the process.

Earlier, Zelensky admitted a scenario according to which, in the event of the failure of the negotiations on the Donbas, the wall would have to be built on the border with the self-proclaimed republics. However, according to the Ukrainian leader, all citizens should decide on this issue in a referendum.

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US intelligence has identified UFOs as a threat to national security

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Unidentified flying objects (UFOs) can cause US national security problems, according to a state intelligence report published on June 25.

The document states that there is a risk that UFOs may fill airspace and interfere with pilots.

Also, unidentified flying objects “can pose a challenge to national security if they are platforms for gathering information from foreign opponents, or if there is evidence that the enemy has potentially developed breakthrough or revolutionary technology,” the US noted. intelligence service.

The report further lists 144 cases of alleged UFOs that experts were unable to explain. At the same time, there are no clear conclusions about the nature or intentions of these phenomena. Studying these objects will require more time and money.

As experts pointed out, in most cases such objects disrupted pre-planned preparations or other US activities.

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Merkel said the European Union would seek formats for dialogue with Russia

Russia at the highest level. This was stated by the German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the briefing. She regretted that the parties had not made sufficient progress in this direction and promised to return to this issue at future summits.

At a meeting of the Permanent Representatives Committee of the European Union on Wednesday, the ambassadors of Germany and France expressed Merkel's proposal to hold a meeting of EU leaders with Vladimir Putin. This idea was supported by French President Emmanuel Macron. Berlin and Paris believed that the summit of the presidents of the United States and Russia could serve as a model for the normalization of relations with Russia. Angela Merkel also spoke about the possibility of meeting in this format during a telephone conversation with Vladimir Putin on 22 June. Meanwhile, representatives of ten EU countries spoke out against holding talks at the highest level.

The German Chancellor noticed. that she did not consider such a format of the meeting to be encouraging, and emphasized that even during the Cold War, the channels of dialogue remained open.

All EU countries will continue to strive for a format for communication with Russia at the highest level. This was stated by the German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the briefing. She regretted that the parties had not made sufficient progress in this direction and promised to return to this issue at future summits.

Merkel's proposal to organize a meeting of EU leaders with Vladimir Putin was expressed by the ambassadors of Germany and France at a meeting of the Permanent Representatives Committee of the European Union on Wednesday. This idea was supported by French President Emmanuel Macron. Berlin and Paris believed that the summit of the presidents of the United States and Russia could serve as a model for the normalization of relations with Russia. Angela Merkel also spoke about the possibility of meeting in this format during a telephone conversation with Vladimir Putin on 22 June. Meanwhile, representatives of ten EU countries spoke out against holding talks at the highest level.

The German Chancellor noticed. that she did not consider such a format of the meeting to be encouraging, and emphasized that even during the Cold War, the channels of dialogue remained open.

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Popular mechanics: Russian ships near Hawaii are doing “something weird”

Americans decide to decipher the purpose of keeping the Russian fleet close to their base

American experts from the Popular Mechanics portal tried to find out to find out that the Russian fleet is conducting tests 35 miles from Hawaii . The squadron includes the rocket cruiser Varyag, frigates of Marshal Shaposhnikov and “Admiral Panteleev”, the corvettes “Guarding”, “Loud” and “Aldar Tsydenzhapov”. It is emphasized that the Russian Federation has not sent such forces to the Pacific Ocean for a long time.

Photo: Still from the video

“Seven Russian warships doing something strange near US Hawaiian missile defense systems. The Americans intend to launch a ballistic missile from Kodiak Island; fires a rocket at her from Kwajalein Atoll near Alaska. The Russians want to watch it, the publication suggests.

In addition, the maneuvers of the Russian fleet have a purely political goal & ndash; remind them of their interests in the Pacific, which is of strategic importance to them.

He previously published material in Popular Mechanics about China's inability to repeat the bold maneuver of Russian aviation that bypassed Japan in 2011 & nbsp; and so the one who sent a clear signal to Tokyo. The Chinese did not do the same thing in Taiwan a few days ago.

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The French Embassy in Moscow has suspended applications for Schengen

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French Visa Center in Moscow suspended application on the extension of the validity of Schengen visas which expired during a pandemic.

The embassy said in a statement that these were multiple-entry visas for a period of three to five years.

The reason for suspending the application was named by adding Russia “to the list of countries in the red zone” for coronavirus.

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Germany imposed restrictions on visitors from Russia

Photo: Still from the video

From Sunday 27 June, Germany will tighten restrictions for guests from the Russian Federation. This is claimed by the RIA Novosti agency.

The German authorities have decided to tighten restrictions on the entry of Russians into the country due to the complications of the situation with COVID-19 in Russia itself.

As now, arriving from Russia will be expected to be quarantined for two weeks without the possibility of early termination. The German authorities are also stopping air and land communications with Russia.

Russia has previously resumed air traffic with Turkey, with Turkish resorts already receiving the first Russian tourists. Turkish airlines again began operating flights to the Russian Federation.

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Zakharova accused EU countries of attempting a coup in Belarus

Photo: Natalia Muschinkina

Many European countries are interested in preparing the ground for The “color revolution” in Belarus. This was stated by the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Maria Zakharova.

According to Zakhar, EU sanctions against Minsk are an example of direct interference in the country's internal affairs.

The strength of EU economic sanctions against Belarus. The sanctions were adopted as new restrictive measures against Minsk and, in the EU's view, should be a response to human rights violations and the persecution of opposition activists in Belarus.

Maria Zakharova said that the sanctions were seen by the Foreign Ministry as “an open attempt to directly interfere in Belarus' internal affairs, a political bribery of those forces (powered by a number of EU capitals) who would not hesitate to launch further in their own selfish interests. A “color revolution” in his home country with catastrophic consequences. “

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