Military expert evaluates Black Sea incident with destroyer: “Typically British provocation”

The Russian and British armies disagreed in assessing the conflict.

The British Navy destroyer Defender carried out a provocation in violation of Russia's territorial waters off the coast of Crimea. The time did not seem to be chosen by chance. In the near future, NATO's largest “Defender of Europe” exercises and “Sea Breeze” maneuvers in the Black Sea will begin. The destroyer incident strengthens the Alliance's anti-Russian focus exercises.

Photo: Royal Navy.

According to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, which was alerted by the British attaché, the dangerous actions of the British Navy destroyer in the Black Sea are a gross violation of the UN Convention of 1982. future incidents. The destroyer “Defender” entered the territorial sea near Cape Fiolent and deepened three kilometers. “

According to the Russian army, the crew of the destroyer was” warned in advance about the possible use of weapons in the event of continued illegal presence in the territorial waters of the Russian Federation. “

carried out a warning bombing during a British destroyer.

The British Ministry of Defense significantly stated that no one fired on the destroyer D36 Defender and walked on its own in the Ukrainian territorial waters.

According to the online service AIS MarineTraffic, there are a number of telegram channels. that the British destroyer HMS Defender and the Dutch frigate HNLMS Evertsen, who were in Ukraine, have already tried to hide their real location.

As for the violation of the destroyer border on June 23, then, according to the service, it was ten nautical miles off the coast of Crimea (territorial waters – 12 nautical miles from the coast), which is about 18.5 km. This means that the ship sank into the territorial waters of Russia by 3–3.7 km.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry reacted quickly to the incident. He saw aggression in Russia's warning and raised the issue of close cooperation with NATO.

In assessing the incident, military expert 1st Captain Vasily Dandykin MK said that the incident clearly shows the provocation of Great Britain, which has been very active in the region recently. The United Kingdom is building mysterious objects in Ukraine, lending to Kiev to buy its boats and passing two second-hand minesweepers.

Dandykin did not rule out that another provocation had been agreed with Kiev, which he believes Crimea on its territory.

– If we announce to the whole world that Crimea has become part of Russia, then this issue will not be the subject of debate. These are our inner waters, our borders, and therefore negotiation is not appropriate here.

In general, I think this is a typical English provocation. They are experienced in this field. “English bullshit” – it was no coincidence that they had said that in past centuries.

Well, our Black Sea Fleet, as it should be, has shown that any breach of the border will be suppressed in the most decisive way.

In my opinion, the British are professionals, despite their dilapidated fleet. They took it all and left. Because four 250-kilogram bombs are no joke. He thinks about it next time before he leaves.

The Black Sea Fleet has shown that it has control over the situation in the region. Our exercises are now beginning in response to the NATO Sea Breeze naval exercise. NATO's exercises begin quite scandalously. They will therefore be monitored very closely. The borders of the state are sacred, untouchable.

As for the British, they are not randomly chosen for the role of provocateurs, due to their impudence, a colonial experience that has accumulated over the centuries. But it's time to get rid of it all.

The Ministry of Defense has published a video of the Defender destroyer in the Crimea

Watch this video topic


Kadyrov agreed to run for a new term

Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Chechen leader Ramzana Kadyrov agreed to run for a new term. He was previously nominated by the regional branch of United Russia. However, according to Kadyrov himself, the decisive factor was the dismissal of delegates of the World Congress of Peoples of the Chechen Republic.

The politician said that he would not waste time and money on the election campaign. He believes that it is better to spend energy on work in order to improve the well-being of the population of the republic.

Kadyrov has been at the head of Chechnya for 14 years. He is now 44 years old. He is the only Russian politician to achieve a record number of votes in direct elections. Five years ago, 97 percent of voters in the republic voted for Kadyrov.

The direct elections of the head of Chechnya and the new composition of the regional parliament are scheduled for a single day of voting on 19 September 2021.


CDU leader Laschet named the condition for stopping Nord Stream 2

Photo: Still from the video

Leader of the ruling Christian party in the German Democratic Party Union (CDU) and Chancellor-designate Armin Laschet said in an interview with ARD that stopping Nord Stream 2 is possible if the project turns out to be against Ukraine. He emphasized that this had been discussed before.

“If President Putin does not follow this rule and applies it against Ukraine, it is possible to stop at any time, even if the pipeline is ready, because then the basis of the agreement will disappear,” Laschet said. He added that Europe has always sent the right signals and that the project itself is of a purely economic nature.

Laschet said this during a joint interview with Green candidates and SPD chancellors Annalena Berbock and Olaf Scholz. He noted that Russia should ensure the transit of gas through the territory of Ukraine and Germany should cooperate with Kiev in the survey of hydrogen fuel supplies.

Berbock made a tougher statement, saying that Nord Stream 2 was aimed at destabilizing the situation in Ukraine and should not be completed. The pipeline is not a purely economic project, said politician Lashet. The Green Leader recalled that the pipeline must obtain another permit under the EU Gas Directive that its operator cannot own the pipeline. This is a chance to block the completion of the construction of Nord Stream 2.


Satanovsky predicted another NATO provocation off the Russian coast

Photo: Social Networks

NATO may carry out a different provocation, but this time off the coast of the Kuril Islands, not in the Crimea, said Vesti FM political scientist Yevgeny Satansky. NATO provoked with the help of the British destroyer Defender and now the alliance will try to do the same, but from a different wing.

The Kuril Islands are not as interesting to the West as Crimea, but they are a painful place for Japan, a major ally of the United States in East Asia. In addition, Japan, unlike Ukraine, has a large modern fleet. “And it has more than enough of its own fleet, modern, unlike Ukraine, to navigate the Kuril Islands,” the expert noted.

The expert recommended strengthening the defense of the Kurils and Sakhalins and responding strongly to NATO's provocations.

Recall that the British destroyer Defender entered the territorial waters of Russia for three kilometers, a Russian patrol boat and plane responded. As a result, the destroyer withdrew, but the Ministry of Defense and the United Kingdom Embassy denied the fact of the warning shooting. At the same time, a BBC journalist who was on the destroyer proved otherwise.


Chinese ships entered the territorial waters of Japan outside the disputed islands

Photo: Still from the video

Four Chinese patrol boats entered the territory Japan's waters off the disputed Senkaku Islands and were there, according to Kyodo, for about 4 hours. In China, these islands are called Diaoyus Islands.

Chinese vessels have tried to approach Japanese fishing boats. It should be noted that this is the 26th violation of the maritime border by the Chinese side in this area since the beginning of the year. An automatic cannon was spotted on one of the ships.

The Senkaku Islands became Japanese in 1895. Before that, they belonged to China. After the war, the islands were controlled by the United States, and in 1972 they were transported to Japan. According to the Japanese side, the Chinese began to claim the islands after learning that there were mineral deposits in their water area.


“I'm overwhelmed with anger!”: Zapashny appealed to the authorities after “Scarlet Sails”

Photo: Social Networks

Circus artist and TV presenter Edgard Zapashny seriously criticized, which took place at the festival of graduates in St. Petersburg “Scarlet Sails”. It should be recalled that thousands of young people had gathered there the day before against a ban on holding mass events to admire the passage of the Rossiya Brig under scarlet sails. A mass concert with the participation of a number of stars was also held in the city center.

As can be seen in the photos and videos published on the network, the participants of the event were without masks and did not observe social distance. Zapashny stressed that he was impressed by such an honest example of double standards. “I am literally overwhelmed with anger!” – Zapashny began an appeal to the Russian authorities.

Photo: Still from the video

The artist recalled the recent disease records and new restrictions introduced by the authorities. “This is your handiwork – what happened in St. Petersburg tonight!” He wrote. Zapashny reminded that Russians now have to use QR codes only for food, playgrounds are closed, restaurants do not work at night. Zapashny pointed out that officials by any means are trying to get people vaccinated and immediately organize festivals with multiple audiences using budget money.

“You just make fun of common sense and provoke people to hate you! This is impossible, “Zapashny added.

It is worth noting that some Russian artists, especially Vitaly Gogunsky, Oscar Kuchera, Ruslan Alekhno, illusionist Sergei Safronov, ballerina Anastasia Volochkova, criticized the authorities under this record … “Evil is not enough!” They want to stage a coup with such actions! “Kuchera remarked.


Peskov responded to rumors of discrimination against unusual employees in the Kremlin


Russian President's press secretary Dmitry Peskov has denied rumors that the Kremlin has decided to take some action against administrative staff who will not be vaccinated or revaccinated.

In particular, the Octagon portal, citing sources, said that such staff from the presidential administration or the government office would not be appointed to senior positions.

“That is not true,” replied Dmitry Peskov.


Sobyanin reported an explosive coronavirus to Putin without optimistic predictions

“In Moscow, about 90% of all coronavirus patients have a new infection mutation”

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said on Wednesday afternoon at a meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and members of the government, that the coronavirus situation in the capital had been calm for five months, but now it had become explosive.


According to the mayor of the capital, the maximum number of cases was detected in Moscow in the last week – & nbsp; 53 thousand people. At the same time, 12,000 of them were hospitalized.

Sobyanin stressed that now in Moscow about 90% of all coronavirus patients have a new infection mutation. He noted that this new strain has more aggressive properties, requires twice as much immunity as the Wuhan strain, and many of them were defenseless against this aggressive infection.

The mayor of Moscow noted that the city's health system is working at almost full capacity, but he manages it. Citizens have everything they need. At the same time, Sobyanin warned that the system's capabilities were not unlimited, although supplies were increased.

He also ensured that supplies of vaccines to Moscow were sufficient. The mayor agreed that measures to restrict restaurant visits were harsh and unpopular, and explained that it was better than closing the industry.

“In the near future, the situation with coronaviruses will be difficult, there is no need to make optimistic predictions,” Sobyanin said during a meeting of the Russian president with members of the government.

The Moscow mayor noted that city authorities will take measures on coronaviruses based on a situation that will ensure the health of Muscovites and the work of the economy.

In response, Putin has promised to continue immediate discussions with Sobyanin measures to reduce the risk of covid infection for the capital's residents.


“We must defeat Russia!”: The Japanese called for the return of the Kuril Islands after the Black Sea incident

Photo: Still from the video

Japanese readers of Sankei Shimbun commented on the material about the incident with the British destroyer Defender, which entered the territorial waters of Russia in the Black Sea and was forced to retreat after warning firing and bombing. Many Japanese have noticed that the British will worsen the situation and Tokyo has a chance to return the Kuril Islands.

“All that remains is to pray for the British, our longtime allies, who helped us win the Russo-Japanese War. Now perhaps they will help with the return of the northern territories! “- writes one of the users. His countrymen agree with him. “Good work, the British!”, “The British warn us again – we must defeat Russia, as in the Russo-Japanese War!”, “Japan, like the British around Crimea, must constantly sail around the northern islands with its warships! Let Russia be nervous! “- write to the Japanese.

Some even think that “one decisive blow” is needed to “disintegrate” Russia. But some say it is necessary to look at what is happening sensibly – the British retreated quickly after their provocation and it is dangerous to irritate the Russians. Moreover, the likelihood of a global war cannot be ruled out because of these acts. It is worth noting that the Black Sea incident has caused a militaristic mood among the British themselves, but many of them, the people of Foggy Albion, wonder why their fleet is so far from their homeland and whose interests are watching over the Russian coast, a problem migration flow across the English Channel has not yet been resolved.


“Half-dead drunks”: British talk about Russians after destroyer incident

Photo: Still from video

Readers of the Daily Mail continue to discuss an incident in the Black Sea, where the Russian army opened a warning fire in violation of the British destroyer Defender; Russian border off the coast of Crimea. Some recall the days when the West helped Russia with humanitarian aid and recommended sending the Russians back to the queue for food.

One of the readers writes that it is not Russian waters, but Ukrainian, because the West did not recognize the annexation of Crimea to Russia.

Another states that the British should not allow the Americans to get involved in the conflict, and emphasizes that “ senil in the White House“ should provoke Russia itself.

“The problem with the destroyer can be easily solved. An embargo must be imposed on Russia. Let them stand in the line & nbsp; in bread. That's the only way to stop this odor, & # 39; & # 39; suggests another participant & nbsp;

It is curious that some Russians from Magadan joined the discussion. He wrote in English that Russians now live better than ever before in history, and in Britain about 30,000 people die every winter who do not have enough money for expensive heating.

“ Russia has illegally invaded Crimea, so the Russians do not have & nbsp; the right to complain about & nbsp; the presence of alien ships in & nbsp; Crimean waters, – says another user.

& quot; Our real enemy & nbsp; & mdash; China, and & nbsp; he goes on. So we need to & nbsp; unite with & nbsp; Russian and & nbsp; no & nbsp; push them & nbsp; to & nbsp; hugs of China, “another reader replies.

“Russia is killing people on British streets. That in itself makes them & nbsp; our enemies, & # 39; & # 39; one of those who joined the conversation disagreed.

“ If you do without real shots, it's just bravado, so Putin is showing off his“, I'm sure he's one of the critics. Another added that half of the weapons in Russian parades are said to be mannequins and half the army – & mdash; “Half-dead drunks”.