Independent: Next time Russia hits a NATO ship near its border

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British expert Patrick Cockburn from Independent criticized provocation in the Black Sea. He noted that sending the destroyer Defender to Russian territorial waters is a very dangerous symbolic gesture. The point is that if this happens again in the future, Russia will not limit itself to warning fire, but will open fire directly on the ship itself.

The essence of the British “trick” was to demonstrate the lack of recognition of Russian sovereignty over “annexed” Crimea. At the same time, it would be difficult for any of the experts who supported it to name the countries bordering the Black Sea region. Cockburn himself agrees that what happened was a provocation. “The fact that journalists were on board the destroyer indicates that the British government really wanted to show the world the new” leading “military position of Great Britain,” he writes.

It is not necessary to recognize Crimea as Russian, the author writes, but sending a ship is an unnecessary risk. Instead of frightening the Russians, the move only made them immediately realize it was a bluff and decided to expose it. “Now the Russians may threaten to bomb another British ship that dares to go the way of the HMS defender, with the certainty that this will not happen.” There is a danger that if this happens, it will be difficult to suppress this rhetoric, “Cockburn said.

Demonstration of force can lead to an enemy attack. Now the destroyer Defender, part of a group of British ships, is moving to the South China Sea and there is a danger that inappropriate action will lead to a harsh reaction. Cannon diplomacy can have dire consequences – we must remember this from the events before the First World War, writes Cockburn.

Britain is weak, but considers itself a great naval power. Prime Minister Boris Johnson supports this approach. However, the gap between the real and imaginary place of the country in the world is becoming more and more tangible.


The BBC has published secret documents about the passage of the destroyer “Defender” in the Crimea

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British Broadcasting Corporation BBC & nbsp; published & nbsp; excerpts from classified documents concerning the passage of the British destroyer HMS Defender near the coast of Crimea. Recall that the Russian army had to open a warning fire during the British ship to prevent the violation of the Russian border.

As stated in the report & nbsp; the day before the incident, a folder with classified documents was found. She was at a bus stop in Kent in the south east of England. The file was lost by a high-ranking British Defense Department official, and the man who found it was handed over to the BBC.

The documents show that the United Kingdom specifically decided to send a destroyer along the coast of Crimea to show support for Kiev and to show that London is not afraid to use the waters it considers Ukrainian because it does not recognize Crimea's annexation to Russia.

The operation itself was called Operation Ditroit, according to the movement of the destroyer in the Black Sea. At the same time, two options for moving the ship were considered. & Nbsp;

The documents emphasize that the route near the coast of Crimea “ will provide an opportunity to interact with the Government of Ukraine & lt; … & gt; in the territorial waters of Ukraine recognized by Great Britain.“ The British army also analyzed several possibilities of the Russian reaction from “ safe and professional“ to “ dangerous and unprofessional“. or recognizes Crimea as Russian.

As a result, the first option was selected.

Formerly The Daily Telegraph & nbsp; states that the decision to pass the destroyer near the Crimea was left to the Prime Minister – Minister Boris Johnson.


“He is facing a new Crimean war”: Bulgarians criticized Russian actions in the Black Sea

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Popular Bulgarian readers the “Dnevnik” portal criticized Russia's actions after the invasion of its territorial waters by the British destroyer Defender. It should be noted that the Russian patrol boat launched a warning fire on the destroyer and a Su-24 plane dropped four high-explosive bombs nearby. The article emphasizes that under international law, the ship entered Ukrainian territorial waters because Britain did not recognize the “annexation” of Crimea.

Many readers of the “Diary” have proven to be anti-Russian. “Russia seems to be facing a new Crimean war,” “Russia is definitely playing with fire … I'm looking forward to what the British and NATO have to say!” Bulgarians write. Some have called on their politicians to play more radical political games in the Balkans. “The time has come for Bulgaria to urgently demand new weapons from the Allies at discounted prices, expose Serbia as Russia's representative in the Balkans and put Macedonia in its place on the world chessboard,” one of them writes.

Some even spoke with a recipe against Russia: “Sanctions similar to those of Belarus + blocking SWIFT companies will have a big impact on the average Russian.”

However, some users still believe that Britain has gone too far. far and unreasonably entered Russian waters. “The Black Sea is an inland sea for countries whose shores are washed by its waters.” What are English ships doing here? The Atlantic is too small for them, or they come to turn on the radio separately and then growl that when they approached the border of another country, this country reacted, “writes one of the Bulgarians.


Putin ordered the vaccination of migrant workers coming to Russia


Russian President Vladimir Putin has instructed the government to report by June 30 on measures to provide vaccinations for foreigners in Russia in a paid manner.

At the same time, the Cabinet of Ministers was instructed to organize free vaccinations for foreigners until 15 July and stateless persons arriving in Russia for work. At the same time, the government must identify sources of funding.


Satanovsky said how Russia should act on the eve of a possible war with the West

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Russian political scientist Yevgeny Satanovsky stated in his telegram – a channel that the latest events in the world may indicate the desire of the West to provoke hostility with Russia.

The expert noted that the sanctions of the West did not bring the expected result, and therefore it was necessary to move to more active action. First is a notable incident with the British destroyer Defender. Satansky believes that this provocation was prepared for Russia to test its strength. & # 39; & # 39; Western countries calling for the expulsion of Russian diplomats as a sign of solidarity. This has led to even greater tensions between Russia and the West.

“How long can you really tolerate them? So it looks like there's actually a war on my nose. And then it will have to be won anyway, & # 39; & # 39; Satanovsky said, adding that now is the time to “ scare off Russia's opponents & # 39; & # 39 ;.


NI simulates a battle between Su-35s against American F-35s

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The National Magazine Interest published material in which he tried to analyze the hypothetical battle between Russian and American fighters – Su-35 and F-35, F-15 and F-16. “Who will win?” The analyst asks.

The article states that the Russian Su-35 fighter made a splash in the Western military media. The author writes that Russia is now making great efforts to modernize its military equipment, and the Su-35 is a good example.

“How will the four F-35 behave when faced with four Su-35s? changes direction and names F-22 (Raptor) and F-15C ', – notes the author, explaining that this is the last aircraft designed to establish and maintain air superiority.

At the same time, however, in the conditions of real combat operations, it is not always possible to choose the optimal solution. He may have to handle the F-35 himself.

In this case, the analyst advises F-35 pilots, using the secrecy of their aircraft and on-board detection devices, to fight out of sight and avoid closer contact. Otherwise, the F-35 will become vulnerable to the Su-35.

The fact is that the Raptor was originally designed for air combat and the F-35 was not designed for that.

The author emphasizes that the F-35 does not have the maneuverability of the Raptor – and not even the F-16 or F/A-18, and when meeting the Su-35 only the superiority of the pilot can save the aircraft.

However, the US has several Raptors and the F-15C is shrinking. In a real war, commanders will have to use an F-35 to gain air superiority.

The article states that the Su-35 fighter was bought by Indonesia, Russia is going to deliver these aircraft to China as well, and this is a “really dangerous combat vehicle”, which in many respects is not worse than the latest version of the F- 15 or even surpasses them.

If the Su-35 loses a bit to the maximum speed of the F-15, then it overcomes the acceleration and at low load, the aircraft is able to maintain supersonic speed without resorting to the use of additional combustion.

At low speeds, the Su-35 has an unbeatable advantage. It has a thrust vector controllable in three dimensions and incredible maneuverability.


Lukashenko seeks influence on the EU: it threatens migrants and drugs

So far, only Lithuania is suffering

Belarus is getting closer and closer to Europe. In a speech at Brest Memorial Day, President Alexander Lukashenko threatened neighboring countries to stop defending illegal migrants. Lithuania has already started talking about the influx of Iraqis into the country and is asking the Iraqi Foreign Ministry to facilitate the return of its citizens.


A ceremony was held in the Brest Fortress to mark the 80th anniversary of the beginning of the Great Patriotic War. In his speech, Lukashenko announced the end of interaction with the EU in the areas of migration, drug trafficking and trade in nuclear materials. According to him, “ thousands and thousands“ have already rushed to Lithuania, Latvia and Poland. illegal migrants entering these countries via Belarus. In addition, drugs are smuggled and trafficked into the EU in the same way. “Have you started a hybrid war against us and are demanding that we defend you as before?” & mdash; & nbsp; Lukashenko said.

This is not the first statement by this type of Belarusian president after the forced landing of a Ryanair plane, which Western countries considered state terrorism. And Minsk does not seem to stop at threats.

Migrants arrive in Belarus by plane. Now Minsk maintains direct flights with Baghdad and Istanbul. In addition, the number of flights from Iraq has increased since May. The Boeing 737-800 of the Baghdad carrier arrives at the Belarusian airport on Monday and Thursday. It is designed for 189 seats. And on Mondays and Fridays, Iraqi Airways operates a Boeing 747-400 with seats from 320 to 526 people, depending on the ship's configuration. & Nbsp; Citizens of Pakistan and Afghanistan can also transit from Turkey to Belarus. And after landing in Minsk, they go on & mdash; & nbsp; to Europe.

On June 2, Lithuanian Interior Minister Agne Bilotaite said that the number of illegal migrants from Belarus in the country had risen sharply. According to her, 189 illegal migrants have entered the country since the beginning of the year, which is twice as many as last year. And on June 17, the situation worsened & ndash; in two weeks, another 204 migrants, most of them Iraqis, have crossed the state border from Belarus. Laurinas Kasciunas, head of the National Security and Defense Committee of the Lithuanian Seim, said it was a targeted blow to Lithuania because there were zero in the column on illegal migration in Latvia and far fewer migrants asking for Poland than for Lithuania. & # 39; & # 39;

According to the Belarusian political scientist Valery Karbalevich, Lithuania may suffer more in this situation than other Baltic countries, because the state borders were hurried here. “ For example, the Polish border & ndash; it is a former border with the USSR. Everything there is more seriously equipped and it is harder to overcome. In Lithuania, the border could be created in a hurry. The political factor here may also play revenge on Lithuania for its unequivocal stance on the Ryanair incident, & # 39; & # 39; said the expert.

However, the Lithuanian Ministry of the Interior states that the situation at the borders is under control. To solve the problem, they intend to involve the army and strengthen the surveillance system at the state border. “Compared to what the EU experienced a few years ago, when thousands of migrants crossed the sea, what is happening is now happening.” Land borders, unlike sea borders, are easier to control, there are wires and other attributes everywhere. Therefore, the problem here is rather psychological. This is such a small inconvenience for Lithuania, marijuana and ecstasy, “Karbalevich is sure.” However, the traffic is controlled by both parties, and if Belarus refuses to meet its obligations, the burden on neighboring countries will increase.

According to former Belarusian presidential candidate Andrei Dmitriev, such statements by Lukashenko are very dangerous neither for EU countries nor for Minsk itself: it is becoming NATO, which will lead to an increase in NATO spending in the eastern territory. Secondly, this will also become a Polish argument in a conversation with the United States, which has been trying for several years to achieve the deployment of a US military base on its territory. Thirdly, the EU will demand much larger amounts to strengthen the border, & # 39; & # 39; said Dmitriev.

He is sure that Russia can be drawn into this story in the end. Because if Minsk cannot control the situation, the Kremlin will be asked to do so. “I think it's very dangerous.” We need to show that we control borders and are a reliable partner that fulfills its responsibilities regardless of political differences, “he concluded.


“Alas”: Pushkov assessed the chances of closing the cases against Assange in the United States

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Russian Senator Alexei Pushkov said in his telegram – channel that the confession of a key witness in the case of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on perjury will not affect his prosecution in the United States.

According to him, the United States will not appeal against a journalist under any circumstances.

“End of the Assange case? Because of such a trifle as the rejection of a key witness from his testimony? The USA will never drop a case against Assange, “the senator wrote.

Pushkov named the example of the murder of African-American George Floyd. The politician noted that there was evidence and expertise that showed that the deceased was under the influence of drugs at the time of death. The senator also added that the USA “imprisoned an innocent police officer for 22 years because this verdict was dictated by politics,” Alexey Pushkov summed up.


Trump believes that Russia, China and Iran are humiliating the United States under Biden's rule

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Russia, China and Iran will humiliate the US and US leader Joe Biden is destroying the country, former US President Donald Trump said at his first demonstration after leaving the White House.

According to him, in five months Joe Biden's administration has turned into a “complete catastrophe.”

“Crime is growing, murder is growing, foreigners are crossing borders. No one has seen anything like it. China, Russia and Iran are humiliating our country. Joe Biden is destroying our country, “said the 45th US President. At the same time, Trump did not specify what he meant by humiliating the United States.


Military expert evaluates Black Sea incident with destroyer: “Typically British provocation”

The Russian and British armies disagreed in assessing the conflict.

The British Navy destroyer Defender carried out a provocation in violation of Russia's territorial waters off the coast of Crimea. The time did not seem to be chosen by chance. In the near future, NATO's largest “Defender of Europe” exercises and “Sea Breeze” maneuvers in the Black Sea will begin. The destroyer incident strengthens the Alliance's anti-Russian focus exercises.

Photo: Royal Navy.

According to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, which was alerted by the British attaché, the dangerous actions of the British Navy destroyer in the Black Sea are a gross violation of the UN Convention of 1982. future incidents. The destroyer “Defender” entered the territorial sea near Cape Fiolent and deepened three kilometers. “

According to the Russian army, the crew of the destroyer was” warned in advance about the possible use of weapons in the event of continued illegal presence in the territorial waters of the Russian Federation. “

carried out a warning bombing during a British destroyer.

The British Ministry of Defense significantly stated that no one fired on the destroyer D36 Defender and walked on its own in the Ukrainian territorial waters.

According to the online service AIS MarineTraffic, there are a number of telegram channels. that the British destroyer HMS Defender and the Dutch frigate HNLMS Evertsen, who were in Ukraine, have already tried to hide their real location.

As for the violation of the destroyer border on June 23, then, according to the service, it was ten nautical miles off the coast of Crimea (territorial waters – 12 nautical miles from the coast), which is about 18.5 km. This means that the ship sank into the territorial waters of Russia by 3–3.7 km.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry reacted quickly to the incident. He saw aggression in Russia's warning and raised the issue of close cooperation with NATO.

In assessing the incident, military expert 1st Captain Vasily Dandykin MK said that the incident clearly shows the provocation of Great Britain, which has been very active in the region recently. The United Kingdom is building mysterious objects in Ukraine, lending to Kiev to buy its boats and passing two second-hand minesweepers.

Dandykin did not rule out that another provocation had been agreed with Kiev, which he believes Crimea on its territory.

– If we announce to the whole world that Crimea has become part of Russia, then this issue will not be the subject of debate. These are our inner waters, our borders, and therefore negotiation is not appropriate here.

In general, I think this is a typical English provocation. They are experienced in this field. “English bullshit” – it was no coincidence that they had said that in past centuries.

Well, our Black Sea Fleet, as it should be, has shown that any breach of the border will be suppressed in the most decisive way.

In my opinion, the British are professionals, despite their dilapidated fleet. They took it all and left. Because four 250-kilogram bombs are no joke. He thinks about it next time before he leaves.

The Black Sea Fleet has shown that it has control over the situation in the region. Our exercises are now beginning in response to the NATO Sea Breeze naval exercise. NATO's exercises begin quite scandalously. They will therefore be monitored very closely. The borders of the state are sacred, untouchable.

As for the British, they are not randomly chosen for the role of provocateurs, due to their impudence, a colonial experience that has accumulated over the centuries. But it's time to get rid of it all.

The Ministry of Defense has published a video of the Defender destroyer in the Crimea

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