Outside the zone of understanding: The Ministry of Digital Science has proposed to disconnect communication in the event of an emergency

It is difficult to find logic in the draft government regulation submitted by the Ministry

Misfortune will never come by itself. Other disasters that accompany natural and man-made disasters include communication problems resulting from both equipment failures and network congestion. The Department of Digital Security has long thought about how to help citizens in an emergency, and in the end it figured it out. According to a draft government decree prepared by the ministry, it was proposed to solve the problem in the most radical way possible: no connection – no communication problems.

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“Approval of the attached statement of priority use, as well as suspension or restriction of the use of any communication networks and means of communication in natural and artificial emergencies …” – read the first lines of the document published on the draft regulatory acts portal.

< The essence of the idea, as the name suggests, is that citizens who are unlucky enough to be in an emergency zone are most likely to be unlucky in communicating with the outside world: they can be restricted from using all types of communication (mobile and cable). and theoretically even carrier pigeons) and even completely disconnect from it.

The relevant decision in accordance with the attached regulation is taken by the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation “in cooperation with priority users based on analysis of the state of communication networks and communication facilities in the emergency zone situations ’.

The “priority users” are the Russian law enforcement authorities. Every single one – from the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Emergency Situations to the National Guard and the Ministry of Justice. In fact, everything is done for them. To prevent citizens from getting under their feet, they will overload networks with calls and messages, thus interfering with the security forces.

You ask: what is it to help citizens with? Of course: according to the Constitution, caring for people is the main goal of our state, and therefore of all government bodies, including the above. This is the first.

And secondly, the proposal itself says in black and white that restrictions are being imposed in favor of the citizens themselves. Namely – “to ensure that priority users take urgent measures to prevent and eliminate emergencies and their consequences … to protect the population and the territory from emergencies”. Do you hear To protect the population.

But the means to achieve these remarkable goals leave, we admit, a lot of questions. Who actually plans to save “priority users” in the event of a natural or man-made emergency? If people, then disconnecting not only will not make it easier, but on the contrary will make it extremely difficult to carry out this mission.

Imagine: a person is crushed by a plate due to an earthquake or explosion, or is caught in a flood and the water rises up his throat. The person with the last force pulls out the phone, dials the phone of the ambulance or the loved one … And a calm voice replies that the connection has been disconnected “to ensure that urgent measures are taken to eliminate the emergency. “Who will be saved in the end? A cold corpse?

Obviously, people who find themselves in an emergency zone need communication like air. It is often their main and only lifeline. By the way, the relatives and friends who take care of them need it no less. The lack of communication at such times is full of at least heart attacks. Or even new corpses.

Yes, communication networks in these cases, of course, experience huge congestion. Well, that's the way to solve this problem! Search for reserves, increase capacity, expand canals … By the way, the security forces suffer incomparably less than ordinary civilians. Ordinary citizens do not have alternative communication systems, and law enforcement agencies are said to be within reach.

“Modern communication units are equipped with mobile, highly reliable radio relays, tropospheric, space stations” high-frequency telephone equipment, tone telegraphy “, – says the website of the Ministry of Defense. And other departments with an asterisk in this sense are not bastards.

In a word, so far, the meaning of the proposed solution is, to put it mildly, outside the zone of understanding. Well, don't really assume that our officials don't care deeply about ordinary citizens, that their priority is to save important objects and important “bigwigs” and that small people are still giving birth to women! Let's call this version intentionally ridiculous and unconstitutional.

In addition, you can find a much more logical and humane explanation. There is only one type of emergency where civilian means of communication are clearly interfering with the security forces and contributing to the spread of disasters – mass riots.

And if you look at this topic philosophically, then such catastrophes are both natural and man-made. It is unlikely that anyone will argue that man is an integral part of nature. As well as the fact that it is not possible to organize a mass rally without modern means of communication.

Let's not rush and shout “eureka!” Government officials may present an even more interesting and elegant version.

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