Officials “photographed” a soldier to receive a medal for the Northern Military District; he soon died


There was a scandal in Bashkiria around appreciation of an SVO participant who was injured and died the other day.

On September 25, the Yanaul district administration announced a “farewell meeting with compatriots” Artur Sultangaliev, who participated in a special operation in Ukraine. Attentive users of social networks recalled that two months before, the administration had talked about awarding Sultangaliyev with the departmental medal of the Ministry of Defense for “participant of a special military operation.” – the local media wrote about it with a link to the publication on the official public page of the administration. However, the July 18 publication raised big questions: on the posted photo of Sultangaljev with the medal, traces of the use of a graphic editor were clearly visible. Judging by the picture, the character of the repairman was simply “photographed” for the award photo.

Users started leaving comments about “very bad photoshop” and the administration's response did not take long. A record appeared on behalf of the account administrator: “There is such a thing, I had to do it for some reasons…”

The reasons were clarified after Sultangaliev's death. As the district administration itself stated, in January 2023 he was “wounded and his heart stopped after a long illness.”

At the same time, he acted. The head of the Yanaul district, Salavat Gilmiev, told Podem that the soldier was alive at the time of the award and even came to the military registration and enlistment office for the ceremony, but “he only came in a T-shirt and slippers, so they made him a military uniform.”

< p>For what reason the injured person's condition later deteriorated to critical and death occurred is not exactly known. Baza writes that he developed cirrhosis of the liver, while the channel's sources emphasized that the cirrhosis was viral and “definitely not alcoholic.”

Sultangaliev was buried with honors, plans were announced to create a memorial plaque for him.

Sultangaliev was buried with honors, plans were announced to create a memorial plaque for him.

“We immortalize all the dead participants of the Northern Military District,” said the head of the district. “Unfortunately, we already have 13 commemorative plaques.”

At this time, the soldier award publication with the edited photo has been removed from the Yanaul District Administration Group.


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