North Korea fired two missiles at the Sea of ​​Japan


Renhap Agency with reference to mixed bosses Committee of the Staff of South Korea, announced the launch of an unknown projectile from the DPRK towards the Sea of ​​Japan.

It is clarified that the South Korean army has not released any details, but added that this is the fifth test of the DPRK's weapons this year.

Kyodo, citing its own resources, states that the missile could be a ballistic missile.

A representative of Vladivostok's regional information processing center of the Russian Tsunami Warning Service told the publication that no seismic events had been recorded in the Sea of ​​Japan.

At 12:43 (06:43 Moscow time), the Japanese Naval Security Administration announced that a second missile had been launched from North Korea. The place where the shell fell is not currently known. The missiles appear to have landed outside Japanese waters.


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