NI: Russia will punish Ukraine after the opening of Nord Stream 2

Photo: Still from video

coming soon then the completion of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline Russia will punish Ukraine. Kiev can no longer count on widespread international “outrage” over new circumstances.

As columnist John Ruhl wrote in an article for The National Interest, thanks to the Russian project, Europe remains highly dependent on Russian gas. The new pipeline also threatens the energy, economic and national security of Central and Eastern Europe. This can be especially difficult for Ukraine and Poland.

According to Ruhl, Russia will punish Ukraine by restricting the transit of gas through its territory, but “without harming the interests of its important Western European clients.” The journalist added that due to the future significant restriction of transit of Russian gas, Kiev risks economic losses. It can also deprive you of access to a vital source of energy.

Formerly former head of the board of Naftogaz; Andriy Kobolev named the reason why Ukraine failed in the fight against the Nord Stream 2 project. In his view, the country has lost the status of “ favorite & # 39; & # 39; USA. According to Kobolev, the United States owes nothing to Ukraine.

Meanwhile, a group of representatives of the parliaments of the USA, Great Britain, Ireland, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Ukraine issued a joint statement against the construction of the Nord Stream gas pipeline. 2 “. In particular, the authors of the statement believe that the construction of SP-2 endangers the national security of the USA and EU countries. The statement paid special attention to issues of Ukrainian-Russian relations. The document states that the pipeline will give Russia the opportunity to “ blackmail & # 39; & # 39; & nbsp; Ukraine by blocking a gas pipeline passing through its territory.


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