Murakhovsky defeated the British general's statement on the war with Russia

“The British ground forces are in great trouble now”

The commander of the British ground forces, Lieutenant General Ralph Wooddiss, announced the transfer of the brigade to Germany, which will resist “aggressive Russia”. According to The Times, a total of 250 tanks and armored vehicles will be transferred across the English Channel. A well-known military expert, editor-in-chief of Arsenal Otechestva magazine, Viktor Murakhovsky, told MK how much or how little and how dangerous it is for us.

Viktor Murakhovsky Photo: Still from the video

– You have to understand that the British ground forces are in great trouble now. In terms of strength and equipment with weapons and military equipment. I will not go into details, I will only say that there are only two tank regiments left in the UK for all the armed forces. They are concentrated in two of the four combat-ready brigades that remain throughout the British Army.

According to the expert, the intention to return one of these brigades to Germany is in fact more of a PR action of the British military department.

– During the Cold War in Germany, there was a British Rhine army consisting of four armored divisions, – said Murachovsky. & ndash; Do you understand the difference? Now the return of such insignificant forces – one brigade, in which there are only 250 armored vehicles & ndash; tanks, military and reconnaissance vehicles, armored personnel carriers – this looks more like a PR move than a real force capable of strengthening NATO's defense. This brigade will somehow include Russia. Where are the Russian armed forces now and where is Germany? There are several countries and thousands of miles between them. This is a statement that actually has no obligations and is absolutely safe for the brigade itself.

Russia is not going to conquer Germany, the Russian armed forces are very far from where the British brigade will be based. The difference, by the way, from the era, & # 39; & # 39; war. When I served in a group of Soviet forces in Germany, in the 3rd Shock Army, we were just preparing to strike against the British Rhine Army, which was opposite us. It took only a few hours to deploy in the event of war. This was a direct confrontation

Now this confrontation is more likely in the information sphere, in the media space, than this British general uses, Murachovsky believes.

– He understands that there is no capture Germany is not planning Russia. This brigade will be accommodated in Germany in very comfortable conditions. I think the brigade staff will be happy, because as I know, when they are abroad, there are increased salaries and other benefits. Being in the center of a European country, in proud confrontation with the non-existent aggression of a very distant power, is an amazing place of service, the expert concluded. & Nbsp;


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