Military expert Dandykin spoke about the possible fate of the missing F-35B fighter

Photo: Global Look Press

Military expert, first-class reserve Captain Vasily In an interview with, Dandykin said that the American fighter F-35B, which is currently wanted in the United States, can fly hundreds of miles without a pilot.

Dandykin noted that this is all happening in America , so they believe the plane will crash somewhere on the coast. The expert hopes that nothing bad will happen. According to him, such incidents happen and the pilot is to blame for what happened, or the equipment may have let us down. He pointed out that if the fuel is good, the F-35B can fly hundreds of miles.

The expert said that a similar situation once happened in the USSR. As Dandykin noted, this happened when a Russian pilot flying a MiG-23 reported that the plane had engine failure and subsequently ejected. He added that after ejecting, the engine recovered, the fighter leveled off and continued to fly, passing two or three NATO countries unnoticed before finally crashing near the French-Belgian border.


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