Military correspondent Sladkov said why the Ukrainian army is throwing new spears

photo: Javelyn. source: wikipedia

Servants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are massively leaving on the battlefield equipment and weapons of Western production, which Ukraine received as aid from the EU, the USA and others.

Including spears against spears. tank missile systems.

This was announced on Wednesday in his telegram channel by military commander Alexandr Sladkov.

According to Sladkov, every reporter “moving in the front line” will say that he saw hundreds of abandoned “intact “spears.

Soldiers of the Ukrainian army get rid of them due to the large weight and dimensions of these cannons and at the same time low combat effectiveness.

” If they were as good as our Cornet, “- they would be used , “Sladkov wrote.

He also believes that the Ukrainian army would take every spear with him if it were” as light as our RPG-7. “

But they will leave them.


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