Militants suspected of attending women's rallies in Afghanistan


Taliban support marches in the Russian Federation recognized as terrorist and banned) is attended by militants dressed in women's clothes. Taman, a student from Kabul, talked about it. One admitted that the real Taliban wives were among the participants in these events. But in general, the girl believes that it is a masquerade.

Tamana explained that the goal of the new government is to introduce women who disagree with their policies, abnormal and corrupt. While the majority of the female population is against the Taliban and its new rules.

The activist noted that rallies are also being held against militant authority. But the Taliban brutally dispersed them: they beat participants and journalists and shot them. At the same time, Tamana is sure that if the Taliban has changed, then only for the worse.

The Taliban has already announced that it is returning to the practice of the death penalty and cutting off limbs. At the same time, militants responded to the outrage of the world community by demanding not to interfere in the country's internal affairs. On August 15, the Taliban announced the establishment of control over Afghanistan. On the same day, President Ashraf Ghani resigned and left the country.


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