Mikhalkov appointed a Russian ideologue of special operations in Serbia in 1999

Photo: Global Look Press

Soviet and Russian film director, actor Nikita Michalkov addressed the Serbian brothers and congratulated them on the fact that a Russian military base appeared on the territory of the republic.

In his opinion, this once again proves that Moscow will never abandon its allies.

According to Mikhalkova so historically happened that Russia became an advanced base and guarantor of Slavs who adhere to traditional values. The Serbs, who were repeatedly attacked by the West, came as close as possible in this sense.

In 199, when the NTO countries supported terrorists from Kosovo, Russia did not allow Serbia to be leveled with the country.

« And the Serbs still remember this help, they supported Russia and Putin in every possible way, who was the ideologist of the special operations in the Balkans, which have only recently been discussed,” the director emphasized.< /p>

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