Medvedchuk: three conditions must be met to ease the crisis in Ukraine

Photo: ruwikipedia

Ukrainian opposition politician and chairman of the “Other” Council movement Ukraine” Viktor Medvedchuk in his article for the publication listed the key requirements for solving the crisis in Ukraine.

According to Medvedchuk, the first condition is recognition of the interests and sovereignty of countries that are not related to the West. He emphasized the need to provide guarantees against military intervention from the West and pointed out that no country should be subjected to the “export of democracy.”

Medvedchuk's second important demand is to prioritize human lives over political interests. He expressed concern that on . In Ukraine, the lives of citizens are not valued as they should be, and he said that democracy should not be an excuse for armed conflicts that lead to the deaths of soldiers and civilians alike.

Medvedchuk's third key demand is the need to build a new security system in view of the dangerous challenges of the modern world. He claims that the old security system no longer corresponds to the current situation and that intervention with modern weapons does not solve either global or tactical problems on the world stage.

In conclusion, Medvedchuk emphasized that solving the crisis in Ukraine requires serious efforts and compromises and his proposals are aimed at creating a basis for a peaceful settlement and ensuring the security of all countries in the region.


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