Media: NATO has prepared a secret plan in case of a collision with Russia

Photo: ruwikipedia

NATO developed a confidential plan in in the event of a military clash with Russia, reports Responsible Statecraft with reference to columnist Ian Davis. The upcoming summit of the military alliance in Vilnius is expected to be asked to approve “thousands of pages of secret military plans” detailing the scenario of a direct confrontation with the Russian military.

The journalist notes that these documents were prepared by permanent military representatives in NATO headquarters in Brussels and other representatives of the bloc behind closed doors without prior scrutiny by lawmakers and independent experts.

In light of NATO's growing influence on the world stage since the outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine, the lack of transparency in the process of long-term military planning within the alliance is a serious problem for democratic control, Davis emphasizes.

As another argument, the journalist cites the statement of the chairman of the NATO Military Committee, Admiral Rob Bauer, who said on May 10 that the countries of the alliance should be prepared for a possible conflict at any moment .

The NATO Summit in Vilnius will be held on July 11-12.

Russia has repeatedly noted that the North Atlantic Alliance is focused on confrontation and has expressed concern about the increase in NATO's military presence in Europe . The press secretary of the President of Russia, Dmitry Peskov, emphasized that the further expansion of the alliance does not contribute to ensuring security in the region. However, Russia remains open to dialogue, but will not remain without a reaction to actions that may threaten its interests.


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