Lukashenko said he was “fed” by anti-coronavirus antibodies

Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Alexander Lukashenko explained why cannot be vaccinated. It controls the level of antibodies. And when the indicators fall, the Belarusian president goes to the “red zones” of hospitals and is “fed” with antibodies.

Lukashenko told about it during his visit to the 2nd Children's Children's Hospital in Minsk. He also asked the staff of the medical facility if they checked the antibody titer and what indicators.

The head of Belarus added that he did not see the need to introduce compulsory vaccination against COVID-19 in the country. At least while the situation in the country remains relatively stable. However, he is ready to consider this option if the number of cases starts to increase sharply.

Lukashenko announced that he had a coronavirus in July last year. In addition, he believes that he suffered from the disease almost without symptoms. And the doctors told him he was sick. Since then, the head of Belarus has refused to vaccinate.


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