Lukashenko demanded that the government urgently develop anti-sanctions

Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko he said at a meeting on socio-economic development that the government should address the issue of anti-sanctions against the West clearly and without bureaucracy. The BelTA agency informed about it.

“In general, the government should address these issues fundamentally, without bureaucracy, clearly, in a military manner,” Lukashenko emphasized.

The head of state noted that the country is not the first time he has encountered restrictions. According to him, Belarus has been preparing for another package of sanctions for the last six months.

According to Lukashenko, this has enabled the country to maintain economic growth and prevent the problems from spreading to normal

On the eve of the European Union, it announced a fifth package of sanctions against Belarus. The list contains 17 individuals and 11 companies. In total, the restrictions affected 183 citizens of Belarus and 26 organizations. Sanctions include a ban on individuals entering Europe and the freezing of citizens 'and companies' accounts.

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