Lukashenko called a number of Russian artists traitors: “They escaped with their tails between their legs”

Photo: AP.

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko during the handover & nbsp; state & nbsp; cen & nbsp; honoring the workers of various spheres in the Palace of Independence, he unexpectedly spoke about some Russian artists who, after the end of the republic, stopped suppressing protests from citizens in the republic dissatisfied with the results of the presidential election.

When Lukashenko passed & nbsp; diploma & nbsp; awarding the title of Honored Artist & nbsp; pop & nbsp; singer Ruslan Alekhno, decided to take the floor and said it was “ the merit of my family, the recognition of the Belarusian people, my fans and you personally, Alexander Grigorievich & # 39; & # 39 ;. After Belta states, Alekhno expressed gratitude to the country, the people and personally Lukashenko.

In response, Lukashenko said that artists, journalists, painters, sculptors had a difficult year because they were hit by a flurry of attacks, and unfortunately, such as Ruslan, there were not many survivors.

& quot; Now I could tell you a few names, not only ours, but especially the great Russians, who stomped here in Belarus, asked for help from halls, concerts, spectators, received awards and cowardly with a tail between their legs (at best) fled, hid, ” Lukashenko said.

The Belarusian president added that he could not call such people artists and creative workers … “They are not even cowards.” They are traitors, “Lukashenko emphasized.

He added that Ruslan Alekhno was seen before, during and after the events, and he is not only talented but also remains a patriotic man.

Lukashenko noted that he appreciates it, and over time, people will appreciate it.


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