London again expanded sanctions against Russia

Photo: Global Look Press

UK expands list of sanctions imposed on Russian organizations and individuals, the British government website reports.

The report shows that new restrictions have been imposed on seven natural and legal persons. The daughter of the philosopher and political scientist Alexander Dugin, Daria, Evgeny Glotov, Aelita Mamakova, Yuri Fedin, Alena Chuguleva and Mikhail Sinelin were sanctioned.

A statement from the British authorities says that these individuals “carry out propaganda” using the NewsFront and SouthFront portals.

New sanctions for the same reason have affected the Turkey-based United World International project.

The UK Foreign Office has previously announced on its website that the sanction will be imposed on July 5 against Belarus for supporting the conduct of a special operation by Russia on the territory of Ukraine. The statement refers to the upcoming ban on iron and steel imports from Belarus. Belarus will be banned from supplying refined products and luxury goods.


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