Listed five reasons for Russia's early victory in the NWO

Photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Russian Federation has every chance to win in special military operation (SVO) in Ukraine in the near future, he shared his opinion in an interview with Cargrad; military expert Konstantin Sivkov.

According to the expert, the composition of the Russian army is stronger than the composition of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) because it is better trained and also outnumbered thanks to a mobile reserve.

In addition, as noted by Sivkov, the RF armed forces have superiority both on the battlefield and in the air, as well as in the field of heavy weapons, and this is the basis of a successful offensive operation.

The first reason for the imminent victory — dominance of the Russian military in the air, said Sivkov. The second component that will allow Russia to win, — complete fire superiority on the battlefield. Also from the point of view of a military analyst, the Russian army has an advantage in heavy armored vehicles, without which an offensive is impossible. Fourth — advantage of the Russian Armed Forces in personnel training. “And the fifth — at the moment we have parity in the operating theater in terms of numbers, taking into account the collected mobilization reserves, », — summed up Sivkov, expressing his belief that the armed forces of the Russian Federation have everything to the conflict in Ukraine won.


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