Lavrov wished the Russians of the former USSR to stay where they were born

Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov spoke of the return of ethnic Russians from post-Soviet countries. He wished they would stay where they were born.

“In the interests of all CIS countries & ndash; that all citizens of the newly independent states remain where they were born and where they take root, & ndash; Lavrov told reporters.

He also stressed that Russians should not be discriminated against in these countries. According to him, he would prefer the Russians to “live quietly and prosper in Kazakhstan and in all other republics.” However, Russia will continue to work to make it easier for those who want to return to become citizens.

Lavrov also said that the use of “soft power” should be increased; to protect the rights of Russians in other countries. He noted that in post-Soviet countries, the desire to assert their national identity is associated with “excesses” as soon as possible.


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