Lavrov commented on the West's response to human rights violations in Ukraine

Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov praised the absence of a reaction Western countries on the human rights situation in Ukraine and the Baltics. According to him, it is a pity that the West is closing its eyes to what is happening in these countries.

“ Of course, the West is completely closing its eyes to the behavior of its churches and ndash; and the Baltic countries and Ukraine. This is a pity for countries that represent a great European civilization based on the principles of respect for all that mankind creates and respect for human rights themselves, which was invented in the West, “ the diplomat said in a webinar “ Foreign Policy conditions under which elects deputies to the State Duma.“ & nbsp;

The Foreign Minister is convinced that the information field in Ukraine will “ burn out“. According to him, the leading television channels in the country are closed and Russian is banned.

According to Lavrov, on the eve of the Duma elections, the West is trying to create a belt of instability around Russia. , inter alia through events in Belarus and Moldova. & nbsp;


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