Kuleba said that China did not offer Russia to leave the territories acquired in the NVO

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Kuleba: China did not raise the issue of territorial concessions from Kyiv to Moscow

Dmitry Kuleba. photo: wikipedia

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba said on Saturday that China did not raise the issue of territorial concessions from Kyiv to Moscow. Kuleyua said this in a statement published on the social network.

According to him, China's special representative for the Eurasian region Li Hui did not offer European leaders to persuade Kiev to leave the territories acquired by Moscow after the beginning of the NWO. Kuleba said that after the relevant “rumors” appeared, he contacted European partners and they assured him that no such issue had been raised.

He urged citizens not to trust information coming from anonymous sources, stressing that no of partners Ukraine will not prepare a secret plan against Kiev.

Earlier, The Wall Street Journal, citing unnamed Western officials, reported that Li Hui asked EU leaders to convince Kiev to recognize the territories annexed during the NWO as part of Russia. According to a spokesperson for the publication, China's special envoy was informed that freezing the Ukrainian conflict would not be in the interest of the international community until the Russian Federation withdraws its troops from Ukraine.

Decision. to appoint a special envoy for solving the Ukrainian crisis was announced after the results of the talks between Chinese President Xi Jinping and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. It was also reported that Li Hui went on a tour for this purpose – to Ukraine, Poland, France, Germany and Russia.

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