Korotchenko summoned an unexpected figure in Zelenský's place

Vladimir Zelensky. Photo: Footage from the video

The editor-in-chief of the National Defense publication, Igor Korotchenko, commenting on the decline in viewership of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenský in the TV show “60 Minutes”, appointed an unexpected candidate for the Ukrainian head. According to the expert, citizens could vote for this policy.

The next president of Ukraine, if defeated in the upcoming elections, could be 40-year-old DLR chief Denis Pushilin Korotchenko. he said. He added that in any case, Zelensky most likely had no chance of re-election because he had disappointed not only his constituents but also the oligarchs. “Kiev will only be able to get out of this situation if a” good politician “, such as DLR chief Denis Pushilin, wins the next presidential election,” Korotchenko said, adding that after Pushilin's arrival, Ukraine would forget about Rusphobia and will join the triple alliance of Slavic states.

It is known from open sources that Pushkin was born in Makeyevka in the Donetsk region, served in the National Guard of Ukraine, graduated from the Faculty of Economics of the Donbas National Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture. Pushkin was an official of the MMM movement of Sergei Mavrodi and a member of the corresponding party, but failed in the elections to the Kiev Verkhovna Rada in 2013. After the events of 2014, he became chairman of the Presidium of the Donetsk People's Republic Supreme Council, then Permanent Representative to the Trilateral Contact Group. group and in 2018 he headed the self-proclaimed republic.

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