Joe Biden confused the country when talking about Russia

Joe and Jill Biden in London before meeting with British military veterans Photo: AP

US President Joe Biden again made a reservation during the G7 summit in the UK and confused the names of the countries. Speaking on liaison with Russia, Biden said: “We can work together – in Libya, for example.” to clarify the meaning of the president's words. It turned out that Joe Biden meant Syria.

The President of the United States has repeatedly made reservations in public – this is due to his poor physical condition. For example, Biden, called US Vice President Kamala Harris, could not remember his granddaughter's name, immediately pronounce Putin's last name, and when he flew to Britain this time, he forgot the name of the Royal Air Force.

But a visit to Windsor Castle with Queen Elizabeth II. went smoothly. In addition to the US President trying to lend a hand to Her Majesty, which is considered a violation of the protocol.

Russian President Vladimir Putin's meeting with Biden is scheduled for June 16 in Geneva. Putin wants to stay there one day when he returned to Moscow in the evening.

Biden could not broadcast Putin's name on the air correctly

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