Iranians elect a president today

Iran's presidential election begins, with a vote today. The plots will operate from 5:30 Moscow time to 22:30 Moscow time.

ANADOLU AGENCY @anadoluagency

President of Iran is not supreme power, the general leadership of the country is exercised by the supreme leader & ndash; Khamenei. Four people are running for president, the favorite is the head of the judiciary, Ibrahim Raisi, who represents the Conservatives.

Raisi's opponents are the secretary of the council of expediency, an advisory body under the top leader: Mohsen Rezai (conservative), former head of the central bank Abdolnasera Hemmati (reformer) and deputy speaker of parliament Amirhossein Kazizade-Hashemi (conservative).

Experts believe that in the person of Raisi is the supreme leader of Khamenei, who previously held the presidency (1981-1989), preparing the successor at the highest position. If Raisi becomes president, Iran's foreign policy will not change, analysts say: negotiations on a nuclear deal and the fight to lift US sanctions will remain high on the agenda and continue the “ proxy war ''; for influence in the Middle East & ndash; in Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Yemen


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