In Ukraine, they found the reason for the failure of the fight against “Nord Stream – 2”


Former CEO “Naftogaz” Andrij Kobolev named the reason why Ukraine failed to fight the project, “Nord Stream – 2”. In his opinion, the country lost the status of “favorite” in the US. Kobolev expressed his opinion in an article published by Ukrainska Pravda.

< Kobolev notes that the United States owes nothing to Ukraine. "Why did the United States help us so actively after the Revolution of Dignity (Maidan)?" Because we were Biden's favorites, "he says.

According to Kobolev, Ukraine received unprecedented help thanks to Biden, who was vice president at the time. Now, he said, the country has lost its special position in the White House. “And not only among the current president of the United States, but also among his inner circle,” the author of the article noted.

Kobolev believes that Ukraine has become a “favorite” citizen thanks to the coup, he has voted to vote in favor of the Western world. “He also noted the country's success in implementing several painful but important reforms.

“It all gave us a special status.” We were the story of a victory “against all chances”. “All politicians, regardless of time and geography, want to be associated with victories, not defeats,” Kobolev said. “This rate cost us very expensive and will still cost no matter who owns the White House,” Kobolev believes.

To minimize the consequences of the launch. Nord Stream 2, Ukraine needs to restore “favorite” status The author of the article noted in the US government, noting that this is precisely the main task of President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Because we are a problem and a threat of potential defeat, “Kobolev emphasized. He noted that it is now not possible to ask a question in the format” we – you, you – us “, because Kiev has nothing to offer.


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