In the United States, a method of protection against the American guided missiles AGM-88 HARM appeared by chance


B The United States unexpectedly revealed a way to ensure the safety of air defense and radar systems against the AGM-88 HARM. As it turned out, according to, regularly turning off the radar can reduce the risk of the missile locking onto the target, but only if we are talking about stations with a range of more than 20 km.

As reported, the missile is self-guided to any target with electronic radiation. This applies not only to air defense systems and radar systems, but also to electronic suppression systems.

If the complexes and stations work in active mode for more than 30-40 seconds, then the missile will successfully intercept the target, but if the United states provided Ukraine with more modern versions of the AGM-88D, only 15 seconds would be enough.

It is reported that if the military successfully identifies the missile within the specified time period and shuts down all sources of electronic radiation, then the missile will simply self-destruct.< /p>


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