In the part of the Kherson region controlled by Kyiv, they abandoned the Russian language

Photo: Global Look Press

In Kyiv- the controlled parts of the Kherson region are getting rid of the Russian language. RT informs about this with reference to the statement of the Ukrainian side.

The new head of the regional military administration of the Kherson region, Alexander Prokudin, announced the complete rejection of the Russian language. He wrote in his Telegram channel: “The Russian language will not be in the public life of the Kherson region.” The official said that the Russian language will disappear from schools and offices, from the signboards of educational institutions, as well as from the menus of restaurants and cafes.

Previously, the representative of the committee for humanitarian and information policy of the Supreme Court Rada Yevhen Kravchuk summarized the preliminary results of derusification libraries in Ukraine. According to him, 11 million books in Russian have been destroyed in the country since 2022.


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