In the Odessa region, they banned the teaching of Russian language and literature

Photo: Lilia Sharlovskaya

Odessa region authorities accepted decision to abolish the teaching of Russian language and literature in the region. The Ukrainian edition of the “Party” informs about it.

From August 1, Russian language and literature will no longer be taught in educational institutions in the Odessa region. Textbooks for these subjects have already been withdrawn from school libraries. Russian writers will also no longer be in the literature program.

It will not be possible to study Russian in the Odessa region even as an optional subject. In Odessa itself, the decision to ban Russian language and literature in schools has not yet been made. The mayor will have to accept this in August 2022.

Recall that earlier the Russian authorities announced that Kyiv was pursuing a policy of derusification in controlled areas and forced assimilation of the Russian-speaking population.


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