In Kyiv, they found out the lie about the installation of the Ukrainian flag on Hadi Island

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine admitted that the country's flag , which they did not install on Snake Island, but simply dropped it from the air. This was announced by Natalya Gumenyuk, the head of the press center of the security and defense forces of the operational command “South” of the military department of the republic.

“The flag was delivered to the island. It will wait for the arrival of the troops and then it will flutter,” Gumenyuk explained to CNN. According to her, the statement that the Ukrainian flag was raised on the island should be taken “metaphorically”.

“At the moment, the Ukrainian army has not landed on the island. Who will build it, pick it up?” – she added.

The Russian Ministry of Defense had previously announced that they had left Zmeiny as a gesture of goodwill so as not to interfere with the UN's export of grain from Ukraine by sea.


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