In Haiti, another police officer was arrested during the assassination of the president


Another Haitian officer police arrested in connection with the assassination of President Jovenel Moise. William Moise has become the fourth suspect among senior security officials involved in the case. They are all accused of accompanying mercenaries when they went to kill the head of state.

Police officers Bonnie Gregory, Clipson Charles and Jean Eddie Charles were previously taken into custody. Nine other people had been detained before and their homes were searched by the FBI.

Police in the country have already arrested 27 people as part of the investigation into the assassination of the president. Including 18 Colombian citizens. They are considered mercenary killers. Six more people are still being searched. They are being prosecuted as armed and very dangerous criminals.

The investigation takes three weeks. However, during this time, the police were unable to answer the question – who was the customer and who financed the attack. Recall, the President of Haiti was mortally wounded on the night of July 7 during an attack on his residence. His wife was also injured, undergoing treatment at a hospital in Miami.


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