In Donbass, “Stalin's sledgehammer” was used against the armed forces of Ukraine.

D-30 howitzer. Photo:

Military observer, reserve colonel Gennady Alekhin, said that soldiers of the DLR and LPR people's militias are using old Soviet time-tested equipment during the special operation. In particular, he noted the use of “Stalin's sledgehammer”.

That was the name of the famous Soviet M-30 howitzer during World War II. But, of course, it is not entirely about her, but about the 122 mm howitzer D-30A – an improved and modified version of the M-30, which has been in service with many states since 1978. It is designed to defeat enemy manpower, destroy field-type protective structures, fight enemy artillery and mechanized means.

“Until now, no one understands what kind of unique alloy this is, which can withstand up to 30 thousand shells ” ;, – the expert said in an interview with the portal. 

He emphasized that this weapon is very easy to use and has performed well on the battlefield.

” “And considering to the fact that we issued them from a quantitative and qualitative point of view, even Ukrainians recognize their effectiveness,” Alekhin added.


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