In Crimea, they decided to expand the list of nationalized assets of Ukrainian oligarchs

Vladimir Konstantinov: commission continues work in Crimea to identify objects of Ukrainian oligarchs hostile to Russia

Photo: Global Look Press

In Crimea, they decided to expand the list of property of Ukrainian oligarchs, which will be nationalized. This was stated by the head of the State Council of the Republic, Vladimir Konstantinov. He emphasized that now the commission is actively working to identify such objects and the list will be published soon.

It is not only commercial property, but also personal property. In the case of a positive decision by the commission, businesses, apartments, houses and land will be seized for the benefit of the state.

The State Council of Crimea has previously decided to nationalize more than 500 buildings belonging to Ukrainian oligarchs who support the current government. Among others, the property of Sergey Taruta, Igor Kolomoisky, Rinat Akhmetov and Arseniy Yatsenyuk was seized.


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