Honorable Members, I am retiring one day

You are fined for your work

On January 12 (just before the Old New Year), the President of Russia gave a real gift to tens of millions of Russian retirees. The government decided to index pensions by 5.9% and the president said: “Not enough!”

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Inflation in 2021 is expected to be 8.4%. The president therefore promised to index pensions by 8.6%.

Enough? I'm looking for someone. People don't eat percentages and beautiful words. People eat food.

According to experts, inflation, which translates into goods that people buy daily, reached 17% last year. And if you look even more specifically (according to the Ministry of Economic Development): in the last year, chicken has risen in price by 29%, buckwheat by 25%, eggs by 21%, carrots by 35.6%, potatoes by 62.5%. , cabbage by 124%. So if you count the cabbage, then the pension was written off more than twice.

Not all? Of course not all. But the part of the pension that was spent on food became very devalued. And because you didn't eat half as much, almost your entire pension started going to food.

All retirees? Of course not. Members' pensions are much higher than the country's average and many times higher than those of the poor. Maybe they eat a lot more or maybe they eat other foods.


The pensions of ordinary and still living people are small. Many retirees are either below the poverty line or directly at the poverty line. But the Pension Fund should have a lot of money. There's all the money people have earned for retirement, but they died without getting it, without waiting.

We have a will written by a dying man a week ago (first and last name are in the newsroom).


“Dear ministers and deputies, I am dying just one day before I retire. I never got it, but I deserved it and I could get it and I should have got it for many years; for example, like the Japanese who have retired from 20 to 30 years old (they have a different life expectancy there). Of course, I would like to pass on my pension to my children and grandchildren, but you, ministers and Members of Parliament, have deprived me of such an opportunity without asking. So you need more. “We've cut down on harsh and offensive words.

This man was dying in full consciousness and even, as we can see, retained a sense of humor, black humor. But it's not a joke, it's true. Every dead old man, every dead old woman donates their money (earned for many years and often hard work) to the Pension Fund. And those who just survived retire, they give a lot. But the pension fund is not enough. And in 2015, it simply stopped indexing the pensions of working retirees.

To this end, the State Duma adopted Special Federal Law of December 29, 2015 No. 385 “Suspending certain provisions of legislative acts of the Russian Federation and specifics of raising insurance pensions, fixed premiums and social pensions. “

In the title of the law, we have underlined the “peculiarities of the increase” because we are very ashamed of these words. These “enhanced features” meant that from January 2016, pensions for working pensioners will not be indexed. It was said there “until 2017”, but this detail has been forgotten and pensions for working pensioners have not been indexed for six years.

It turns out that the state fines 9 million citizens for six years, that they work.

Firstly, it is very offensive and unfair. If a person works, it means that he is doing something useful for the country, for society. At least they pay taxes. He turned out to be fined for paying taxes every month.

Secondly, it is illegal. Article 55 of the Russian Constitution (as amended during the Belarusian vote on 07.01.2020) states: “Laws which repeal or restrict the rights and freedoms of persons and citizens should not be enacted in the Russian Federation” .

“Decrease” means reduce. Indexing pensions for all The number of pensioners was established by Federal Law No. 167 of 15 December 2001 “on compulsory pension insurance in the Russian Federation”. The 2015 law, which abolished the valorisation of working pensioners, reduced their rights, worsened their lives and there is no doubt that it shortened the lives of the disadvantaged.


Here is a common working Russian family, company unit (names and address available):

Mother is 71 years old, works as a bridge crane operator , experience 52 years, “net” salary – 25 thousand, pension 16 900 (not fired because the profession is few).

Father – 75 years old, worked as a foundry in a heating plant, 30 years of experience, I. group ZTP, pension 24 400.

The daughter is an accountant in a batch, salary 21 thousand.

the cost of rent, travel, medicine? In total, this family with two workers and one disabled person receives 87 thousand a month. Not bad? Definitely. Only five times lower than the salary of one member of the State Duma.

The parliamentary pension is several times higher than the average in Russia. A Member who has worked for at least five years receives a surcharge to a pension of 55% of the monthly salary. Everyone who has served as a representative for two terms (10 years) receives a 75% surcharge .

All deputies outside the city and their family members are reimbursed for the cost of moving to Moscow and back (to permanent residence) after the end of the deputy's powers. Each member of the family receives a quarter of their monthly salary for moving … We will stop here because we do not have enough time to write parliamentary benefits and readers do not have the patience to calmly read. In addition, each MP manages a budget of 1,500,000 (one and a half million) rubles a month for the salaries of his assistants.

Everyone understands everything. Competition for deputies, like girls in theater institutes – a hundred people in place. Is it with such power that people desire to expend all their power for the good of the people? Or do they want to share budget and personal benefits? The answer is known.

As for fines, here is a simple answer. A working pensioner who receives a modest pension of 12,819 rubles a month, if he ends up, gets 18,881. This means that such a person gets a fine of 6,000 with almost or 50% per month.

In 50, not the 8% , which characterizes official inflation.

6 thousand a month is 72 thousand a year, which the state takes from a poor small pension. If you have worked well and have a pension of 24,000, but you continue to work, you risk a fine of more than 100,000 per year. About a trillion come out of the nine million working pensioners every year.

Even Pension Fund employees can't calculate precisely, because (in the process of constantly improving calculations) the coefficients have gradually become disproportionately complex – computers break down, counts heaps and fractions of hops. After all, everyone should receive a fair, more precisely according to the law on the characteristics of the increase.

Do you want to legally increase your pension one and a half times? Resign and your pension will be recalculated with all indexations. And then go back to work (if they take you back) and from now on you will get real justice.

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