“He stirred up the viper's ball”: Satanovsky commented on the “Yeltsin Center” scandal

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Political scientist Yevgeny Satanovsky commented on the scandal involving frontman of the band Agathu Christie by Vadim Samoilov, who sharply criticized the activities of the Yeltsin Center during a concert in Ekaterinburg. “We perform here, yes, you provide us with seats here. We know what you're doing. You are involved in anti-state counter-propaganda, “Samoilov said at the time. This provoked a wide response.

Satanovsky noted that his opinion coincided with that of Samoylov, who was more likely to “break through”, and that of Nikita Mikhalkov, who also spoke out against Yeltsin's center. , but based on his ideological views … Satanovsky remarked that when we talk about Yeltsin, we should remember the betrayal he committed. Then Gorbachev proved to be “mediocrity” and Yeltsin was able to queen and eventually put everything in the hands of his successor and retired. “Then his companions decided foolishly to keep the memory of the chief.” It would be better if they let him forget about him as soon as possible, “believes Satanovsky.

The Yeltsin era is an era of theft of Homeric proportions, liberal Manilovism, chatter and lies. Now this era and its “leader” are trying to make the heroes of liberal leaders a hero, although it is impossible to “wash” Yeltsin because he is “blacker than black.” “The soloist Agatha Christie stirred up such a vicious ball … And after all, he did not call to lift them on a fork, sprinkle them with holy water, or betray anathema,” Satansky emphasized.

The political scientist added that “Yeltsin Centers” could become “museums of the country's disintegration” and the interior in them would not even have to change. That's the only benefit they can bring, the expert stressed.

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