He dreams of taking Poklonska from Africa to Kiev with a bag on his head

A former Russian woman colleague subtly warned her of impending danger

Natalya Poklonskaya, a member of the State Duma of the previous convocation, authorized to represent our country in Cape Verde by decree of President Vladimir Putin, has returned to the top of the most debated figures in the Ukrainian media. Official Kiev, which today demonstratively rejected a request for the extradition of the notorious compatriot Mikhail Saakashvili for extradition from Georgia, suddenly wanted to “throw in” a dubious – from the point of view of international law – combination with the newly appointed ambassador of the Russian Federation. Natalya Vladimirovna, 41, allegedly hopes in vain that she will “hide” in Africa, “we will get her there as well”. The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry recalled: the lady for the alleged high treason committed in 2014 is sanctioned not only by Ukraine, but also by the USA, Canada, the EU and Japan.

The official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Oleg Nikolenko specified: immediately after the promulgation of Putin's decree, the post-Soviet republic “turned to the authorities of Cape Verde with a question about the criminal activities of the citizen Natalya Vladimirovna Poklonskaya. “Mr Nikolenko preferred not to specify the extent to which this appeal is in line with the new status of diplomatic immunity for a Russian woman.

The trial of treason against Poklonska (the specific violations that were the basis for initiating criminal proceedings against the former Crimean prosecutor in 2016, for some reason have not been reported) has not yet been completed. The lawyers of the Russian woman, in turn, obtained through a Ukrainian court registration of criminal proceedings for the illegal release of Poklonska from the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine (which grossly violated the laws of the republic and the rights of its former citizen). And without a verdict in a Ukrainian court, no extradition from Cape Verde can continue by definition.

Sources “MK” in the Ukrainian Prosecutor General's Office claim: Natalia Poklonskaya's career, which was transferred from the Crimea to the capital Nazalezhno, could continue in 2014 at the Kiev Public Prosecutor's Office. And not in a normal position.

Gunduz Mamedov, who had excellent relations with Poklonskaya since serving in the prosecutor's office of the Primorsky district in Odessa, at that time served as one of the prosecutors in the capital region. It is ironic that after the events of 2013–2014 (qualified by the Dorogomilovsky District Court in Moscow as a “coup d'état in Ukraine”), it was Mamedov who was appointed by the new authorities to lead the Autonomous Republic of Crimea's prosecutor's office with an office in Kiev. Because of what Gunduz Aydinovich was forced at every opportunity to curse Natalia Vladimirovna in vain for her alleged “inappropriate activities against Ukraine.” Poklonskaya, as you know, a native of Voroshilovograd region (now Lugansk) in the Ukrainian SSR, speaks fluently not only Russian but also Ukrainian.

The decree of the President of the Russian Federation, as you probably guess, did not become a “lightning bolt from the blue” for Poklonska. Based on the possible risks in the new position for her Natalya Vladimirovna in early October made a number of remarkable statements in the air of a Moscow radio station. So in her Little Homeland, “the Ukrainian nation was allegedly created, this fact must be acknowledged, and less gasoline is being poured into this fire.” Maxima, we agree, contradicts Putin's claim that the Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians are in fact one people. This means that there was no trace of any Ukrainian nation and it does not exist.

Poklonskaya's “sample of 2021” is categorically dissatisfied with “Ukraine's predominance on Russian television channels” because “it's wrong” it brings even more strife between people and I'm in favor of relieving stress. “

Ukrainian bloggers, including high-ranking ones (as a representative of the Supreme Council of Alexei Goncharenko), happily called the revelation of Poklonskaya a long-awaited “look at the traitor, the former” prosecutor “of the annexed Crimea.” Natalya Vladimirovna, who stood up as a Ukrainian (and not from Russia), competed with each other for an offer to return to Kiev. Not for the post of deputy prosecutor of the Kiev region, of course. And for the initial “quarantine in Lukyanovka SIZO” – until sentencing in cases that are scheduled to be heard or are being heard in Ukrainian courts. Poklonskaya is accused not only of “going to the enemy's side”, but also of deliberately persecuting the Crimean Tatar Mejlis (an organization banned in the Russian Federation),

According to Gunduz Mammadov, mentioned above, one of these cases is already in court, so if Poklonská returns voluntarily, she will be able to participate in court personally.

Mamedov, 46, is no longer a senior GPU official. It is said that he did not work with Irina Venediktová, appointed under the auspices of Vladimír Zelenský. As a result, a well-known lawyer, a candidate of legal sciences, can give a colleague (and there are no former prosecutors, like former security officers!) More than transparent advice about her future fate. In addition to the possibility of the official release of Poklonska to Ukraine, other ways to deal with the “traitor” can actually be used. Including prohibited. There are more than enough such offers in the Ukrainian segment of social networks. For example, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Russian Federation could have been secretly exported from an island nation 600 (six hundred) kilometers from the Black Continent … below the deck of a merchant ship. Under the supervision of a group of Ukrainian saboteurs.

The testimony of a former Crimean prosecutor about the details of the peninsula's reunification with the Russian Federation may not please all current and previous Ukrainian rulers. When the presiding officer in the trial clarifies about the alleged “violent annexation”, Natalya Vladimirovna suddenly takes and recalls the massive and voluntary transfer of the Ukrainian security forces of the peninsula to the side of Russia. For example, the number of Chekists of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of heroes of Sevastopol, who in the spring of 2014 “changed the oath of allegiance to the people of Ukraine”, was either 98 or even more percent of staff relevant SBU headquarters. Ukrainian residents, the hour is uneven, creeping into doubts about the crystalline decency of current counterintelligence officers.

Maria Zakharova, an official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, said two really deadly phrases for them, much to the displeasure of her fellow diplomats from Ukraine. First: Natalia Poklonskaya now has “absolute immunity.” This means that the newly appointed ambassador is completely inaccessible to the Ukrainian law enforcement authorities. Second and even more offensive sentence: Maria Vladimirovna advised Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleb (who promised Poklonskaya “maximum trouble” at his place of diplomatic service in Cape Verde) to achieve strict implementation of Ukrainian legislation in his homeland “to begin”.

Zakhar's help is more than transparent. This is the first “portion” of the scandalous investigation into a large international group of journalists involving Volodymyr Zelensky. Panama Papers (“Panama Papers”) prove the unconditional leadership of the President of Ukraine in hiding the income of his companies in the notorious offshore.

The US FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) was interested not only in the documented “transfer” of money of oligarch Igor Kolomojský to the offshore accounts of Zelenský. The feds, according to Taras Chornovil, a representative of the Verkhovna Rada of several previous convocations, will simply attack Vladimir Alexandrovich furiously after the release of the second part of the Panama Papers. The so-called “English”.

International investigators, Chornovil continues, have been tracing large amounts of Zelenský's “Ukrainian” money entering a number of Arab organizations. Some of them seem to be related to terrorism. If the link between the transactions carried out by companies from the Zeleny Empire and the financing of Islamic terrorism is confirmed, Zelensky and his first assistant/executor, Sergei Shefir, are unlikely to escape the mere confiscation of London real estate acquired on behalf of Shefir. Among other things, this includes an expensive apartment on the famous Baker Street, next to the Sherlock Holmes Museum.

The first part of the Panama Papers in the office of the President of Ukraine reacted slowly. It is said that the $ 41 million named in the investigation is a “legend of deep antiquity.” The money, de, was transferred to the sea long before the Green Presidency. Yes, and the laws of Ukraine do not prohibit such a form of protection “obtained by reworking”. P>

The FBI, which has been seeking the extradition of Igor Kolomojsky from the President of Ukraine (who inherited much in the US) for several years, has made no significant progress in investigating possible Dnepropetrovsk oligarch crimes after the first, “American” section of the Panama Papers. After the “English” part – as they say, there are possibilities …

Return to the topic of Natalia Poklonska, – after her current desperate “promotion” by the Ukrainian media, “fatigue” will inevitably come. Simply put, the activities of a newly minted diplomat in a small island state will disappear completely from the news channels.

This cannot be said of the new scandal, which Zelensky is inexorably threatening. So far, only in the “Servant of the People” faction speaks of him with noticeable concern in the undertone. Pro-presidential political forces reasonably assume that the forthcoming revelation of the financial leadership of the Ukrainian leader will be painfully reflected throughout his entourage.

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