Governor Starovoit proposed rules for issuing weapons to the people's squads


Kursk Region Governor Roman Starovoit said that members of the territorial defense units should be given the right to use weapons in the region. This was reported by RBC.

According to the head of the region, weapons can be useful for participants in territorial defense in several cases. At the same time, it must be stored in the form prescribed by law.

“A weapon that will be assigned to a certain member of the people's platoon must be stored in accordance with the law and issued only for maintenance. shooting practice and, if necessary, its use during the declaration of martial law or the implementation of the CTU regime,” added Starovoit.

He specified that all members of the People's Squad must be equipped and undergo courses in the use of automatic weapons and tactics.


Currently, territorial defense formations conduct shooting on a daily basis at the shooting ranges of the National Guard and the Ministry of Defense.


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