Georgia announced preparations for a coup from Ukraine


The State Security Service of Georgia said that according according to her data, a certain group of people plans to destabilize the situation in the country in the period from October to December this year with the aim of overthrowing the current government. The attackers are said to be operating both inside and outside the country's borders, and the timing of the alleged coup was chosen in connection with the European Commission's plans at this time to announce the possible granting of EU candidate country status to Georgia.

B The intelligence service was told that The “conspirators” expect the EC's decision to be negative, which will allow them to accuse the authorities of lobbying Russian interests.

The intelligence service named former interior minister Van Merabishvili and his former deputy, now deputy head of military counterintelligence, as the organizers of the alleged plot of Ukraine Giu Lortkipanidze, the former bodyguard of former President Mikheil Saakashvili, Mikheil Baturin, and the commander of the Georgian Legion operating in Ukraine, Mamuka Mamulashvili. Allegedly, the organizers plan to use “foreign financial support” and youth “of Georgian origin fighting in Ukraine” to carry out the “coup.” ” in the center of Tbilisi, seizure of government buildings. The alleged conspirators are also accused of allegedly planning a provocation with killings during the protests.

The intelligence agency said it intended to take “all necessary precautions” and seek help from “partner country departments.” .” .


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