Former US President Trump has said he will not allow explosions at Kabul airport


Former US President Donald Trump told Fox News that he did not prevent the explosions that took place at Kabul airport.

“If I were your president, such a tragedy would not have happened. “All Americans are mourning the families of the victims,” ​​he said.

Recall that the day before, the suicide bombers near the Kabul explosion drove off two explosions. Then four more explosions thundered in the city.

The capital of Afghanistan has been swept away by a wave of terrorist attacks. More than 100 civilians were killed and another 158 were injured. Among the victims are American soldiers: 12 sailors and a naval paramedic were killed. These losses were the first US combat loss since February 8, 2020. However, this number is not final and may increase in the near future, writes the directorate of TG-Channel 4.


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