Forbes: Russian “Pole-21” suppresses M982 Excalibur precision projectiles in Ukraine

Russian electronic warfare systems “Pole-21 ” ” show high effectiveness in the fight against the American high-precision M982 Excalibur missiles.

Expert, associate professor of systems engineering at the US Military Academy Vikram Mittal in his article for Forbes magazine states that the specified Russian system suppresses GPS signals necessary for launching Excalibur grenades. As a result, the missiles change their course without reaching the intended target.

According to Mittal, the Russian military is demonstrating technological superiority over the Ukrainian armed forces. This leads not only to the destruction of many Ukrainian drones, but also ensures effective and often undisturbed use of Russian drones.

The expert also notes the successful use of the Lancet cruise munition by the Russian armed forces.These highly accurate and compact drones are difficult to detect due to their unpredictable flight path, which complicates countermeasures, according to Mittal from Ukraine. It was previously reported that the Pole-21 and Zhitel complexes also successfully suppress signals from GPS and other satellite channels, as well as prevent kamikaze drone actions.


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