For the first time, the Swedish parliament has expressed no confidence in the Prime Minister


vote of confidence in the President-in-Office Stefan Loewen in the Swedish Parliament. As a result, most deputies did not trust the Prime Minister (181 out of 349 people).

Now Leuven is obliged to resign. He also has the right to call early elections.

Interestingly, since 1974, when the Constitution prescribed the possibility of a vote of no confidence, the Riksdag has voted on the issue 11 times. But the decision was always negative. Leuven was thus the first distrustful prime minister in history.

The populist Swedish Democrats called for a vote in parliament on the issue of confidence in the prime minister on 17 June. Left-wing Nushi Dadgostar said she did not trust Lovani over the government's proposal to introduce market prices for rental housing in new homes.


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