First Deputy Defense Minister Ruslan Tsalikov will celebrate 65 years

On July 31, the First Deputy Minister of Defense of Russia, Acting First Class Adviser Ruslan Tsalikov, completed 65.

Ruslan Khadzhismelovich was born in North Ossetia. He also graduated from North Ossetian State University. During his professional career, he dealt with economic issues: postgraduate student of the National Economic Institute Plekhanov Moscow, assistant professor, vice-dean of the Faculty of Economics of North Ossetian State University, head of the Ministry of Finance of North Ossetia.

Since 1994, he has worked at the Ministry of Emergency Situations in Russia, from head of the finance and economic department to the first deputy minister of this department, where he and Sergei Shoigu played an important role in forming the Russian rescue service.

Since then, Ruslan Tsalikov has been called Sergei Shoigu's closest assistant and a member of his management team … He served as vice governor of the Moscow region when Shoigu led the government of the Moscow region. After Shoigu took up the post of Minister of Defense, Ruslan Khadzhismelovich became his first deputy in the military department.

Ruslan Tsalikov also had to perform the most difficult and responsible tasks. For example, at the Ministry of Defense in 2020, it was he who was entrusted with the management of the operational command for the fight against coronavirus, thanks to which, in difficult epidemiological conditions, Russian troops were able to maintain full combat capability.

MK congratulates Ruslan Khadzhismelovich on his anniversary and wishes him further success and victory to serve the good of the country.


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