Express: Russia's strategy of long-term confrontation will “blow up” the West


Russian a long-term strategy of confrontation will “blow up” the West from within, said Michael Rossi, a political science lecturer at Rutters University, in an interview with Express. RIA Novosti writes about it

In his opinion, Moscow is playing the “long game”, it has the resources, finances and diplomatic capabilities to resist military and sanctions measures against it.

“This method will eventually lead to Europe imploding from within,” the expert said.

Rutters also believes that Westerners have begun to “feel economic fatigue” due to rising prices.


The Chief of Staff of the British armed forces, Admiral Tony Radakin, previously admitted that Western countries underestimated the potential of the Russian armed forces, and now, in a “war of attrition”, the Kiev regime lacks either weapons or a trained army.< /p>


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