Expert Rozhin explained the activities of Russian troops in the Kharkiv region

Photo: Video frame of the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Expert of the Center for Military-Political Journalism Boris Rozhin explained why Russian units participating in a special operation on the territory of Ukraine are now operating in the Kharkiv region and have taken the initiative in this direction.

< p>“We are gradually pushing the enemy back in this direction ,” he said in an interview with URA.RU.

According to him, positional battles are now taking place there, but the Russian army is “pushing them down” and taking control of several villages.


” We are forcing the enemy to strengthen the defense towards Kharkiv, that is why these forces are not participating in operations in Donbass,” the expert explained.

Rozhin added that the Russian troops increasing the tension near Kharkiv do not allow the enemy to maneuver with reserves and thus help the grouping on Donbas to solve the assigned tasks.

The expert also expressed the opinion that the higher the activity of the RF armed forces in the Kharkiv region, the less mortar and rocket fire will be. border settlements on the territory of Russia, because the armed forces of Ukraine will not be able to do it.

However, he noted that there will most likely not be a major attack on Kharkiv before the completion of the operation in Donbass, since the main forces are now there, but to conquer Kharkov needs to be surrounded.

“But that does not mean that there are no plans for Kharkov,” he added.< /p>


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