Euractive: NATO offers to “pull Ukraine by the ears”


It would be nice if West ” “An anonymous source from NATO has told Euractive.” The Americans want an immediate de-escalation with Russia, but the situation could explode at any moment, even though the West believes Moscow In Ukraine, meanwhile, there are problems with who is in power and who has the upper hand in the military. not only in an economic sense.

The source admitted that the situation may stabilize over time, but in Ukraine “some” are prone to unnecessary provocations and the West would do well to “pull them out by the ear.” The publication partner has admitted that Russia is not going to attack, which requires more forces than those consolidated on the border with Ukraine. how to reduce the voltage tomorrow, “said the source. He added that Moscow was in favor of a “political hotline” for communication between Russian President Vladimir Putin and NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg.

to Ukraine from the Baltic countries. He apparently gave his consent to the Pentagon.

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