Erdogan announces the complete lifting of the curfew in Turkey

Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Turkish President Recep Erdogan said the commander the hour introduced in Turkey due to the coronavirus pandemic is completely canceled. It will happen on July 1.

According to him, it was decided at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers. Government agencies are also returning to normal opening hours and the age restrictions on the use of public transport are being lifted.

From 1 June, Turkey changed its measures against coronaviruses. In particular, the curfew has been reduced.

Turkish authorities in Antalya previously announced that they are ready to accept 33 flights from Russia on Tuesday. According to city officials, at least 10,000 tourists from Russia may arrive in the city immediately after the resumption of air traffic.

According to the forecasts of Turkish officials, the number of Russian tourists will grow steadily from Tuesday and 20-25 thousand tourists from the Russian Federation will come to Turkey every day.


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